I'm back in the Comodo fold!

I’ve been a fan and user of Comodo products for a long time now but sometime ago I was tempted to put my PCs security into an alternatives hands…I can’t remember what enticed me away…I think it was Comodo’s constant pop ups that were that primary reason but after sometime away I’ve decided to give Comodo another try and I’m glad I did. The pop ups are a lot less frequent and everything seems to be running fine.
Thanks everyone at Comodo for a fine piece of software and it’s really good to be back :-TU

Good to see you back!

Love the avatar and sig combo! Very black humour! :slight_smile:

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks for the welcome back panic and ditto with your compliments about my avatar and sig ;D

Are you on 3.8? Time to experience 3.9: https://forums.comodo.com/feedbackcommentsannouncementsnews_cis/comodo_internet_security_3976924507_released-t39202.0.html .

Hey EricJH, thanks for the headsup but on this occasion I didn’t need it…I downloaded the two part update earlier today and all seems to be running well. :-TU

How`s it going Dougy :wink: Thanks again for you know what 88)


Version 3.9 went final today. Hence the provided url. I should have been more clear here.



Hey Matt, all’s fine thanks and for you know what…I’m intrigued :-\

Starts with a D ends with a d, great for music and films… :wink:

It was a while ago and i know your memory goes when your getting on, hell i can remember things from ages ago but last week/month…forget it ???


I too am back in the Comodo fold after over a month of absence, but for other problems with Comodo. Given this opportunity, I too would like to congratulate the team for getting it right this time. :slight_smile:

Yeah I remember now and you’re right about getting older…I’m starting to believe that my Altzheimers ain’t never gonna get better!!

Welcome back Searinox…it’s good to be back…what were we thinking of leaving like that?