I'm back after a moving process

Hi :

After a long time I’m back, I found a job and moved here , Santiago de Chile

Kindly regards
MiguelAngelXP (R) (V) (B)

Welcome back.


heey you’re back :slight_smile: (:HUG)

who are you btw? ??? … just kidding ;D

who are you btw?
Not kidding this time 88)


Hi guys :

Thanks for the welcome…

Miguel Angel (B) (R) (CLY) :BNC

oh you might wanna join the forum Malware research group :-La we need help improving future CIS :-TU
one problem though 88) … i don’t know how to enable you 88)
let’s wait for some real mod to come in here (:TNG)

That’s because you need admins. They enable the accounts.

If you want to join the Malware Researche Group just pm Melih and ask it. He’ll probably enable your account within the day…

That’s enough off-topic, now who is this guy ?


who said he’s a guy? maybe he’s a she? :-*
she’s a former member of mortal kombat championship, i think 88)
oh ehm (:NRD) , she’s a former member. she deleted his own account, and now she’s back :-TU

you caught me… I deleted my account and I recreated… !ot!

But I’m back… :■■■■ … ahh and for the record I’m a he…

Kindly regards
Miguel Angel :■■■■

Hey MiguelAngelXP (:WAV) Nice to have you back ! (:HUG)

Do you still have problems with MS Visual 2005 with COMODO ? ;D

Somebody cares informing me ?


Heeyyy!!! Commodus… How are you???..well after a research I discovered that JV16 Powertools deleted the Visual Studio templates dll, and I mistakenly thought that it was a COMODO issue (:SAD)
Now I’m using VS 2008 SP1 with SQL Server Express 2008 SP1

And furthermore my moving process was longer than I expected, but here I’m with a new life, so thanks for the welcome :■■■■

Miguel Angel (R) (V)

Welcome, nice to have you back (:HUG) (:WAV)

take a :■■■■


:frowning: you’ve spoiled the fun >:(

huh ??? i thought you said you didn’t know her ???

Yeah, and I’m still hoping someone would tell me …


duh? i told you 88) she was a member here, but then she deleted her own account, and now she’s back.

but what did she do before then?


This would be the perfect moment for the person in question to jump in and tell us how good she isn’t


posting 88) what else? 88)

i think i’ve seen her post about CMF bug here somewhere 88)

edit: found it! here

Well then. Hello :■■■■