I'm afraid I have to dismiss Comodo firewall

Due to following issues:

  1. “Automatically start Comodo Firewall with Windows” doesn’t work on win xp sp2 standard, non-admin
    account. This setting disappears after win user log-off and log-on

  2. Two days ago an update made. From some version before 3.xxx.304.
    But the previous one was definitely the 3.x one.
    Update progress like new installation, with all steps having seen once during first installation (:AGY).
    After that, firewall asks for several rules, which have been created with version before update (:AGY).
    I hate having to do the same thing twice.
    But try explain this the normal user of my LANs please. They will have much less appreciation.

  3. Firewall weaknesses documented under
    They cause the work with Comodo awful non-ergonomic, user-unfriendly GUI.

Perhaps just Comodo’s Trustix Enterprise Firewall (Also Free) is what your after for your LAN Security and then CPF without Defense+ only Anti-Leak protection for your LAN users is the answer for you.

I have to say those problems are unheard of from my experiences. On both computers I havn’t had these problems. Well try installing in safe mode that should help.