I'm a little ignorant

Hi there. Hope I’m writing this in the right place.

I recently installed the free comodo Antivirus.
Due to some “intruder”, the system asked me whether to block or allow certain items, and because I didn’t know what’s what, I “told” it to block them. However, it seems that it blocked a dll item important to me, as it’s propably the spelling control for my “word”. I can see a list of items it blocked, but I don’t know how to retrieve some of them. Can anyone shed some light here?

Thanks in advance

On the CIS main screen, click the Antivirus button at the top. Then click on Quarantined Items.

This will list all the files that have been quarantined by the Antivirus. If the dll file you need is in there, then select it and click Restore. If you start getting popups from the Antivirus about the file, click on Ignore, and then Add to Exclusions.

Also, as a precautionary thing, upload the file to VirusTotal.

Please report back here with the results, or if you’re not sure about something :slight_smile:

Hope this helps :slight_smile: