I'll never recommend comodo certificate services to friends and colleagues

Bought an code signing certificate on 7/31/09. Sent a phone bill, got a reply - ok, but please correct domain info. Ok. Got reply - wait for the callback. Waited - but nothing. In a 9 days - Your order got stuck in call back queue. you will receive a verification call some time today. Ok, but still nothing. Asked why - no replies. Then, after 7 days - got reply (spelling like in Comodo replies ;D):
The phone bill that was sent was a n invalid phone bill. Please resubmitt an actual company phone bill we can continue with the validation procedure.
Wazzup? Phone bill is ok, order is in callback status but then it became invalid. (btw, most of reply have this funny spelling: a n invalid phone bill. Please resubmitt an actual company phone bill we can continue. Ok, said I’ve no more phone bills for company. 1 phone number is quite enough for us. Offered notarized letter - no, but you can send us smth from this list:
B. Government Issued Business License (with address)
C. Copy of a recent company bank statement (you may blacken out the Account Number)
Ok, sent “B” and “C” on 9/2. Even haven’t blacken our account numbers.
Got a reply - sorry but recent company bank statement can’t replace phone bill for SSL certificate, if you cannot provide the phone bill , your other option would be the basic SSL.
SSL? LOL. I’m going to get refund and go to the Verisign, friend of mine bought certificate for his start-up on the same day but was verified by Verisign on 8/10 (btw without phone number) while Comodo still can’t remember if they verified me, if I can send bank statement or can’t (funny, yeap?) and if they are approving me for SSL or for code signing :-TD

Dear Alexsim,
I do apologize for the apparent miss-communication between you and our validation department. I have looked over your order. The documentation to verify your company information and domain ownership seems to be fine. The problem is indeed with the phone bill you sent. For all code signing certificates, we require a call back to a verified phone number. In order to verify the number we require that the phone number be listed on a third party database, such as whitepages.com, superpages.com or yellowpages.com or business directories, such as Dun & Bradstreet or Hoovers. In absence of that we must receive a phone bill from a land line, or VOIP provider. If the phone bill is for a VOIP phone, the provider MUST be e911 compliant. In this instance the phone bill you provided is from Skype. Skype is not an e911 compliant VOIP provider, therefore can not be accepted for the purpose of verifying your company phone number.

I’m very sorry, but without being able to verify the phone number in the fashion stated above, we can not issue your code signing certificate. If you can get your business phone number listed on one of the above databases, we can perform the call back once we have been able to verify the listing. If you are unable to do this and wish to cancel your order you may send an email to refunds@comodo.com.

Once again, my sincere apologies for the miss-communication, and the confusion and frustration that has caused.

Hmm, sorry for emotions, but are you serious that I can list in whitepages.com, superpages.com or yellowpages.com and this will be enough? I’ve not known this :o

We are listed on yellow pages, e.g. on superpages.com.
How can I use this for verification of the phone number?

Added link to superpages to ticket #CCC-193041. Hope you can help me to verify a number and in result delete this topic (since we can’t get refund for certificate ;D )

Seems like Comodo’s support team is the opposite of Microsoft’s. With MS, they are all formal, etc., and never understand deep problems ( :D). Comodo’s sounds like a teen quickly typed it all.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Hm, send information about listing at yellowpages - but still no reply for a week.
It seems I need wait one more week for reply.