I'll cut to the chase: where are the Predefined Policies?

Moving on from my OP below, here’s a more direct question: where are the Predefined Policies as noted here?

Over the last 24 hours I’ve in/uninstalled various versions of CFP 3.x and they are nowhere to be found. If they exist in discrete form, what’s the filename? or other location? how do I find them and/or make sure they are correctly in place and functional?

It’s driven me to 30 days of Online Armor…

!pleH JLJ

As the help file shows, they are listed under firewall/advanced/predefined firewall policies. If you click on one and say “edit”, you get a list of the rules contained in that policy. You can change, add or subtract rules from a policy by editing. Or you can add new policies. What are you trying to do that the help file doesn’t tell you?

As my OP shows, they’re not there: http://img181.imageshack.us/img181/7629/cfpemptybq3.jpg

Try going to miscellaneous/manage my configuration and see if they are there for any of the other preconfigured settings. If not, an uninstall and reinstall is probably in order.

“Manage my config” is nonfunctional, at least in terms of import/export of policies (even when “run as” is used). And as noted, I have installed and uninstalled CFP3.x several times already on my XPH-sp3 system to no avail: there are no predefined policies to be found AFAICT.

I have an image of my C drive from two months ago with an unknown prior version of CFP 3.x where the policies were apparent and functional, but I would prefer not to have to revert to that backup for only this reason.

I was thinking of the “select” feature, that comes with several different predefined options, at least under CIS. Another thing to do is install CIS beta 2, selecting the firewall/D+ option and unchecking the toolbar and AV when asked to install them. The CFP upgrades there are not actually beta, just being integrated into the CIS beta. Have you uninstalled from safe mode?

“Select” is nonfunctional AFAICT – nothing happens. Indeed, nothing happens after using any available functions from the “Manage my configurations” dialogs: the dropdown selections appear but do nothing. I have not uninstalled CFP from Safe Mode, but between Revo Uninstaller and RegSeeker I’m relatively confident I’ve removed most traces from system and registry each time. If you think it’s worth bothering with, I’ll reboot to SM and uninstall and try for a fourth time to install CFP – ?? As for CIS, maybe as a serious last resort only. Whatever the cause of these bugs, there should be workarounds within CFP and/or XP themselves…

I would go ahead and uninstall CFP3 from safe mode, and install the firewall/D+ portion of CIS now. It looks just the same as CFP3, but has a bunch of fixes-although haven’t seen your problem before. It also has predefined defaults for the various levels of D+ you can use-like firewall only, leak protection, full HIPS. The full HIPS option is now call “Proactive Security”. Go ahead and install that, and the lesser versions can be selected later if you want to try them. This will get you to the CFP3 version currently under upgrade by the developers, and we can submit a bug report/trouble ticket if you still have problems.

I’ll try it, but I’ll have to make a new image first. Will try to report this afternoon.

OK I uninstalled CFP from Safe Mode, which was not pretty, all folders/files remained across all user accounts after reboot. These were manually removed. Also removed were all known regkeys, including the LEGACY keys.

I then installed CIS Beta 2 – Firewall and D+. After reboot, FW and D+ set to Safe Mode.


  1. Security CFG files appear in Comodo program folder and are accessible to the program, including the “Manage my configuration” dialog
  2. Default config is “Proactive Security”

3. As before, the only Predetermined Policy file which is available to me is “Installer or Updater” – see http://img209.imageshack.us/img209/7571/limym2.jpg
4. As before, Firewall and Defense+ predefined policy dialogs are empty
5. As before, certain operations (eg, running CCleaner) cause an unending series of D+ popups requesting permission for RUNDLL32.EXE to run executables (exe and dll) even though it is listed as a trusted application
6. As before, “remember this answer” selection is never retained
7. New: certain programs will not run correctly if “remember” is selected when allowing action through the D+ popup: eg, Firefox, Opera; if “remember” is unchecked the programs run normally

In sum, the clear and expected operation of the last working install of CFP 3.x is apparently impossible on my system. I just don’t know how to proceed with CFP in any version since I cannot get it to accept and/or retain my settings.

The only solution I can see is if someone can give me (here or by email to johnluciferjones % at ^ yah etc.) the default settings for all predefined policies so I can manually reconstruct them and see if they take.

Open to all other ideas. THX JLJ

I would suggest you go to the bugreport forum at https://forums.comodo.com/bug_reports-b106.0/ and follow the instructions there, referencing this thread. Also probably worth a trouble ticket to make sure Comodo sees it, at http://support.comodo.com/index.php?_m=tickets&_a=submit . Will leave this thread open, but haven’t seen this problem before. If you were running Vista I might suggest a problem with security permissions or similar, but with XP ??? You can try adding some of your own rules, but there appear to be too many issues here. For D+, the major rules are for Windows System Apps and Trusted Apps, all “allow” except for the first “ask”. For the firewall, I have attached the list of policies I use (not the same as default) along with a little more detail on a few that are not obvious. This should allow you tell easily if anything sticks.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Thanks, we’ll see if I can wrap my brain (what’s left of it) around filing a bug report – as you note, the symptoms are numerous and indicate something fundamental that most other users don’t seem to experience. Meantime I’ve gone to a “competing product” and I guess that unless I find a compelling reason to return to CFP before v. 4 is released, I’ll wait and see. JLJ

I use OA one of my computers, and find it to be a very fine product-just not free. Sometimes it is easier to switch than find one of these difficult problems. But Comodo may find a solution, so don’t give up yet.