Ignoring Network and Security Policies set by the user for an app? [RESOLVED]


I am a new user of CFP and I do have a question about setting up rules for specific applications as I experience a similar problem (at least that’s what I think) to David’s problem.

I do have an application that tries to connect to the internet ( - TCP). Well, looks like the loopback zone to me. Basically this application does this during startup and closing. That’s absolutely OK, I do trust this application, however I do have difficulties in convincing CFP in doing so, also. No matter what firewall rule I create (see screenshot attached below), CFP keeps on asking whether I do trust this application or not. This application does neither have to gain access to the real internet nor gain access to other computers in my home network.

Is there a rule that I forgot? How do I have to configure an according CFP Network Security Policy for this application so CFP stops alerting me while at the same time having control over Loopback requests for other apps and other connections this application might want to establish?

I also looked into CFP’s Computer Security Policy for this application and allowed DNS Client Service and Loopback Networking.

Any hints?



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Try not specifying / Loopback Zone in the From section of the rules you create. Create something like:

Allow TCP Out From IP Any To IP Where Source Port Is Any And Destination Port Is Any

Bingo. That’s it. Though I think that is also the source for the request … Anyway, replacing with ‘Any’ in the ‘From’ Section solved the issue, I think.
Thank you very much!