ignore lists

ignore lists has many entries. i didn’t added any entries to ignore lists. is this a default set of ignore entries. i dont have any norton product installed. even some symantec norton entries are there in the ignore lists. i cannot remove any of the entries too.

Hey there Naren,

Those are indeed added by default. The reason behind it is pretty simple, if something gets deleted from there, the program could become inoperable. And as most programs are security programs, that could lead to an inoperable windows :slight_smile:

So you better leave the things there are in the ignore list I think :slight_smile:


ok thanxx 4 replying. i had used previous versions but never checked the ignore lists. this time i checked so was surprised to see the lists. many microsoft entries are there thats ok. but why the norton symantec entries. as we cannot remove any default entries and if we have norton products installed specified in the ignore entries and removed the product so the registry entries related to the norton product in the ignore list will not be removed. m i right. if i m right how we will remove those registry entries. just want to clear a point that came in my mind. apologies if asking something stupid as i m an average user dont know much about these things.

and yes were this ignore lists present in the previous versions like i have once cleaned the full registry except the unsafe entries with this version so just asking.

I’m not sure if it was in the previous version also, I can’t help you with that. But I think you made your point with the unnecessary ignore files. But on the other hand, when you would later install Norton for example and you forget to add those files again…

It actually doesn’t really matter if they’re there or not. If you don’t have symantec products, there won’t be a folder’s so it can’t be scanned, so…