IGNORE: Internet Explorer allowed unrestricted access! X32 VistaSP1 3.5.57173.43

Internet explorer (C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe) seems to have unlimited access to the internet when there are no rules set for it and I am in Custom Policy Mode for the firewall (CIS should ask).

This never used to be the case with older versions. I just noticed this recently. I don’t know which version introduced this bug.

I have uninstalled my original installation and did a clean reinstall. I removed all rules from the firewall, added just the ones needed for network access (bootp, DNS etc). Internet explorer still had unrestricted access.
I am using an administrator account with UAC enabled.

I did block it by using Defense+ to block it from running.

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Try un-checking “Trust applications digitally signed by Trusted Software Vendors” in Defense+ settings and/or checking that MS isn’t on the Defense+ “My Trusted Software Vendors” list.

MS has been removed from the list (always).

Found the problem.
During an update, Avast antivirus turned on one of its providers, that had been previously disabled. This enabled Internet Explorer to bypass the firewall by using Avast web shield, which did have access to the internet, as a proxy.

Sorry for the inaccurate bug report.


Thank you very much for posting back. :slight_smile:
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