Ignore ignores me!!

At startup Comodo AV finds the same file and won’t “ignore” it with any of the three options offered. Same thing next boot–same message. Just now while running a forced scan, I got a false positive on a Panda Active Scan file–their unencrypted virus data showed up. I couldn’t get a “right tick” to work to send it to Virus Total in Spain because Comodo AV kept interrupting me and blocking my action. No amount or selection of “ignore” would actually ignore the file so I could process it. I had to kick Comodo to get past it. Is this a bug or a feature?

I’d give you the version, assuming I can read and type and not get crowded or lose the window…here…

v: 3.9.95478.509

It would be nice if you released the text to be wiped and copied. Especially in the tiny windows that show extremely long pathways to the badboys found. Not allowing copy/paste–is that a feature?

Your response is important to me. I don’t like things that have an apparent blocked function.


What file does it find?

Try manually putting the Panda AV file to be one of your My Own Safe Files under Defense + → Common Tasks.