Ignore a folder with executables that keep changing?

I have some executables that are either private (my .cmd/.bat files) or beta softwares without signatures that change relatively frequently. When the behavior blocker popup occurs I can tell CIS to accept these, but I have to do so every time the .exe changes in any way at all.

While I understand that CIS needs to check whether a Good file is now a Bad file (it changed) can I put these things into a separate folder and tell CIS to just ignore them so I don’t have to fiddle with popups all the time?

I made a video showing how to except a whole folder from the BB, you can find it here: Except a folder from Behaviour Blocker in CIS - YouTube (sorry it has no microphone audio, forgot to enable microphone facepalm) I’m starting to make videos instead of typing it out, if you for whatever reason would want it in text instead then just ask. :slight_smile:

Thanks Sanya for helping me. Your video is fine though it turns-out my request is answered simply by “There’s an ‘Add Folder’ option in Exceptions” which I somehow managed to miss.


I guess that works too. ;D However I don’t want to assume anyone’s knowledge of CIS so when I write… directions(?) in text I usually type it in step by step form starting from CIS main GUI, that way others with the same problem and less knowledge might find it and follow it more easily, however that is somewhat time consuming so I’m trying out videos, seeing if it’s a working substitute.

Perhaps a better idea is a short summary like you say "“There’s an ‘Add Folder’ option in Exceptions”" and then also include a video, that way someone who already knows CIS settings but have just missed something could understand from the short summary and others who don’t even know what the advanced settings is can follow the video… I think that’ll be my future way of work… or something like it.

an additional “thanks” since it worked for me aswell.
kinda annoying when you develop.