If You Were The CEO Of COMODO.........

If You Were The CEO Of COMODO…

HERE’s A Chance to Prove You are Smarter than Mr. Melih & You should be the CEO of COMODO.

How YOU would have developed/improved/innovated CIS i.e CIS through your eyes. Mention any & everything. Right from the Download Package to Installation to Installation choices to Featues to CIS Usable By Any Type Of User to CIS Advertising, Publicity & ANYTHING…

Dont ask the Winner’s Prize. YES, YOU have guessed it right.


sometimes its the small what is important.
i liked the most, that the firewall rules window is as informative as the window in my old firewall. one look, and you know what you have to know.
if i would be CEO, i would not try to follow all arguments of “make it modern”.
more important is any argument about “modern maybe, but is it better?”

there are firewalls who “could do everything for the user”, but on the other hand the interface drives the user to make it automatic.
comodo tries to make both sides happy.
this should be keeped in future versions.

EDIT: i just had to make two lines in Bold-Type to let the post clearly fit to the topic :smiley:

The winner becomes the future CEO of COMODO…just kidding ;D ;D ;D :wink: :wink: :wink:

did i miss the point of the topic?

I would start to develop a antivirus for the mobile platform and specificaly for Android.

watching this thread with interest :slight_smile:

You have to mention, if you were the CEO of COMODO, How Different & Better CIS would be compare to Melih’s Version of CIS. What changes, innovation, development, improvement, etc would be there. Anything & Anyway you think you would have made a better CIS. Read the first post carefully.


How your version of CIS would be? How easy, smarter, better, etc would it be?


This topic will turn into a wishlist for CIS… >:-D

First, I would reduce the false positives… :o

Second, I would go for more av test companies and get my product tested… :-TU

Third, I would get product more attractive look… 8)

Fourth, I would move more of my av definitions to the cloud because cloud based av engines have more detection ratio… :wink:

Fifth, I would make the comodo product more automatic… 88)

Sixth, I would get the product better and safer white-listing… :P0l

Seventh, Last but not the least, I would Keep it “free for ever”… :a0

I hope comodo full-fills these in the future… :-\

Just forget the first 6 points, Just remember the last point… :-La

I would try to avoid to make CIS a “Family package”.
I mean reducing alerts (protection) and pay with less security.
Just follow like Outpost and Online Armor developers: still improve firewall and HIPS instead of adding some useless rules to firewall which allow all outgoing traffic or leaving holes in HIPS and vulnerabilities to known leaktest. Keep great ideas on - like ThreatCast. Make CIS the strongest IS suite out here - not the easiest, even for 4 year kids :-\


You are never going to sell a package then…(No one will buy… ;D ;D ;D.)

There are only very few security geeks all over the world who can answer every single pop up caused by HIPS…

For the rest of the world it is big ??? ??? ??? …they simply run away from your highly talkative monster…

I don’t mean a lot of pop-ups - auto sandbox is good idea.
But when there are some issues and D+ cannot prevent this actions… few popups are better that less security.
And autosandbox would prevent them (alerts) anyway.

I would continue doing as Melih is now, helping the team create mighty fine products with the possibility to improve them daily to stay ahead.

I would continue to have some mild interaction with Comodo users, and continue to bite when aggravated.

Even if I was smarter, which I am not by a long shot I wouldn’t want to prove it.
There will only ever be one Melih, and if I was him I would feel very proud of my acheivements.
It is OK to dream, but that is as far as it could go.

Kind regards.

completely agree :-TU

I dont think CIS success depends on ONE person being smarter than others or not.
By the way, Mr. Melih Abdulhayoğlu is very very smart.

However, the way He handles everything is what makes CIS successful.
CEO having interaction with end users its something you dont see anywhere.
This is what helps CIS being success.

If Mr. Salem and Mr. Kaspersky would do the same as we all witness here everyday, they would be unstoppable.
But then again, they only care about making profit. Melih cares about making profit too, of course. But he shares it with all of us. So, yes, Melih is smart, but thats not the only thing that makes CIS successfully.

Going back to the question:
How I would have developed/improved/innovated CIS? Listening to my end users and understanding their needs. Oh, wait. Melih does that already.

Did I mentioned that Melih is clever, bright, intelligent, sharp, acute? :-TU

Comodo got this far by more then 1 reason, some of those are

  1. Melih and the army of programmers (like “Egeman”) :slight_smile: that are hell bend on making top notch software
  2. Forum Mods, Beta Testers, Members
  3. Customers and non-customers that believe in comodo
  4. Reviewers that test out comodo and test it with whatever is available to them
  5. Well, That’s all I’m going to write, you all get the idea :slight_smile:

We may not know what he does every minute of the day, but we do know that whatever he’s doing, He’s doing something right

Here are things i might do as quick as i can,

  1. Listen to opinions and views of comodo users through forums, emails, etc., to see their needs and what i might do to satisfy them & melih is doing this too, :stuck_out_tongue: so no difference there.

2)Launch Comodo Cloud Antivirus version, i love the panda cloud antivirus its very popular for its lightweight and smooth functioning so i will launch it too.

  1. Break out of this hackers paradise universe of windows os and launch linux os, based on ubuntu which is easier for newbies to understand, having its repositories like ubuntu has to download and easy install softwares, there is wine hq already install with it, so people wanting to use windows programs can work them in linux too, this is biggest step i can take as i see in current circumstances.

  2. Comodo Time Machine is such a beautiful product but its having issue of stability, it crashing and making users to do format and reinstall, i will look into bringing stability to it, because people loving it for its concept, but its scaring them to use comodo products (many of my friends are scared to use CTM because what it has done.

  3. Publicity in form of advertisements is lacking for Comodo, I see the products like CIS, Comodo Dragon, etc. are doing best than the paid antivirus products & other browsers, still people not knowing about comodo because it lacks advertisement in my view. so i will look into every media to do advertising.

  4. Keeping it simple and user friendly its already is that way though.

7)Last thing i m doing is funny but true, i.e. Giving CEO authority back to Captain Melih, he is doing it in best way :)))) (CNY) :love: :viva: :BNC :■■■■ (:CLP) (:AGL)

If I were the CEO of Comodo and smarter than Mr. Melih, I would end up having more women in world to keep me ;D :smiley: :wink: :-*

Greetings all.

Again and again… I’m trying so hard to avoid any “controversial" posts of mine here

… but there are limits sometimes re: to what you read

…hmm… I can write 10 pages about it, but I would rather refrain myself.
I’ll be a bad guy again … actually I am :slight_smile:

You see … the topic: “If You Were The CEO Of COMODO” is mainly fine
… but …

and so on … does not make any sense and as dumb as it gets

It means, that you are relying on the fact that this forum is huge and nobody have ever bothered reading many thousands of post here that directly or indirectly related to the matter
… and most likely you could not even to be bothered to read all? some? just a few?… how about extensive Wish List , being ignored for ages?

And then, why anyone has to be “Smarter than Mr. Melih”?
Why wouldn’t you think for a single moment that it’s necessary?
What is necessary indeed - is to be smart enough or just being involved & join the force

….Useless thread , I may say, as blunt as I can be


You can watch , but you must not be bothered at all.
This thread was most likely created by the user who, say , hmmm… 88) can try real malware on working PC with the latest CIS installed …. hehehe! :smiley:



YES! Not asking; and YES I’m smart :slight_smile:


Sure, but why this AV was developed in the 1st place? Pure waste of time. As it was stated – it was developed just for convenience of having a Suite. That’s very weak statement and as a result very weak AV

Not happening basically …do some readings here & there in orser to find why

It has an attractive look actually

extremely(!) strange point of view …. from my personal point of view ;D
I wold not rely on any “cloud” blindly or with eyes opened wide … rather avoiding that

Not really sure what that suppose to mean , therefore no comments @ the moment

Do you need more digitaly signed malware? Rest assured you’ll get’em (around 10-20 per day currently)

That was a promise & I think that will stay “as is”