If you were Melih..

If you were Melih the almighty “comodo man” ;D what would your first action be in order for complete Internet dominance, and in order to widen the gap to your competitors? What would you do to make sure the others would have to throw in the towel?
Lets help Melih with good ideas so his company can dominate!

Personally I would:

  1. Listen to the community.
    Then when I get tired of doing that I would just say: fu* that, this is the way we do it.
    And do the following:

  2. I would hire 10 hot office girls (just to keep me more motivated)

  3. I would put up posters all around in the office saying: “Yes we can”, to further motivate everybody.

  4. I would hire a musician who could make a cool comodo song. eg: “Comodo is the best, yeah yeah”. Then I would play it on some TV channel.

  5. The CIS team would be forced to make a hot girl theme. Why? Beacouse I would love a hot girl team. AND I think a hot girl theme would give CIS the “sex appeal” its lacking and be of great publicity value.

What would you do if you were Melih? O0

Can what? Increase Comodo’s debt? :smiley: :smiley:

If I were Melih I would admin ganda and watch the fun. 88)

Edit: Oh, and update my Twitter account more. :stuck_out_tongue:

Comodo has debt issues these days? hmm… :o

Maby its a good thing that Melih is in charge after all. I would hire a bunch of hot girls and you would sit and write on Twitter while Ganda probably bans Egemen. :smiley:

Be far more discerning in who could join the forums. ;D

If I was Melih I would send that wonderful user, Kyle - 1 million dollars.

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It was just the words “Yes we can”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe have a giveaway for all the forum members with over 1000 posts? Most spam but anyway…

If I were Melih… I would be a much more stricter CEO. :wink:

About what? :slight_smile:

Melih… to me, always seems to be nice. Egemen told me his nice too.

But really… Melih is spending MILLIONS of dollars on free software, for end users. If a bug that caused BSOD on systems for example was released with CIS, I would be up Egemens ■■■■ big time. ONLY KIDDING!!! :slight_smile:

If I were Melih is in charge after all. I would hire a bunch of hot girls (just to keep me more motivated) and do 50 push up a day (:HUG) (:WIN) (:SHY) before I release the next Comodo product on the market :■■■■

Is it just me, or have you brought too much seriousness into this thread? :stuck_out_tongue:

But those are good things.

Doesn’t hurt to have a serious/personal prespective. :slight_smile:

Well, it just contrasted with the rest of the thread. :slight_smile: (Of course, yes, it doesn’t hurt.)

If i were Melih, I would answer the above as follows :slight_smile:

1)what will that achieve? cutting here won’t benefit the stuff there…(explained it million times before)…:slight_smile:
2)we do… we will continue to improve…its so sad for QA guys to get such a stick as i know they work their backsites off testing our products. People simply don’t appreciate the scale of user base and issues with running such a powerful product like CIS in tens of millions of different computers. There is simply no other security product that protects so much (meaning integration into kernel) with so many users, period.
3)not mutually exclusive…we are expanding whitelist…and you will always need a sandbox…
4)here is a little task…go count of posts that Symantec, Mcafee CEOs post in their forums and compare it with mine…then come make that statement you have…
5)LOL…Creating Trust Online…thats our core competency…people simply don’t appreciate all that has to be done to achieve Trust Online…think it thru…we haven’t even done 50% of the stuff required to create trust online…

otherwise… I liked all the other suggestion others have posted :slight_smile:


I wondered if the real Melih would appear and tell what what he would do. :stuck_out_tongue:

My serious suggestion is to show that Comodo is listening in the forums. Post short quick replies to wishlist items, bugs, and questions. This happens for some other products besides CIS (such as disk encryption & backup, etc), but I feel it is important to let the users know you are listening. :slight_smile:

Indeed we are!

If you think it thru, how can we succeed if we didn’t listen?


Well, one Comodo staff member told me someone is always reading the forums. But many times, support questions, bug notes, and feature requests go unreplied by a staff member when only staff members know the answer.

Comodo probably is listening, we just want to see it. :slight_smile:

here…look :slight_smile:


I’ll pass on a comment, lest we continue an interminable argument.

They could always lodge a support ticket at the official Support Centre (http://support.comodo.com). :wink: