If you install a program in sandbox, how do you find it?

If you happen to answer “Run isoolated” on elevated right alert from unknown installer, the program most likely will be istalled in sandbox just fine, but how do you find \ start it later?

Programs installed in sandbox (or rather shortcuts to them) are not created on a real system, and virtual kiosk, doesn’t really have a start menu. So if you happen to uncheck “Create desktop icon” during install, how do you find a program that is installed in sandbox?

It will be somewhere in the C:\VTRoot folder.

Yes, but that’s equivalent to digging through program files folder every time you want to start a program on a real system. If that was the case, most users just won’t bother, and say Windows sucks )))

You could always do it once and make your own shortcut. It’s no different then people that love portable apps having to navigate to the executable to run it.

That’s what I do. Create a folder named Program Files Portable on C drive. Run once in the sandbox, go to VTRoot copy the folder and paste to the Program Files Portable folder, and create a shortcut for each file on the desktop. Then back that folder up externally so I always have them. Right now using around 20 programs that would have to be normally installed. If not needed or wanted just delete the folder and shortcut. Nice and clean. Of course some software will not function this way, but many will.

That’s great for power users, but do you think avarage users will bother with any of that?

Most likely they’re “set it and forget it” kind of users, and since V8 dumps any unknown downloaded (or from external sources) files in FV sandbox, I imagine it will be quite irritating when such users won’t be able to find such sandboxed programs (that they think they installed \ run) or file(s) created by such programs.

I’m surprised there aren’t that many complaints about this.

im pretty sure if you open the virtual desktop it will show shortcuts that the program created. So if the program creates a desktop icon it will show on the desktop in the virtual desktop