If you had an option to choose any PC in the world, which one would it be?

Hey, I found something that might be interesting to answer, let’s say you would be able to choose between any PC in the world, for free. It has to be just one. I would choose a Compaq Presario CQ62Z series.

I would have to choose a custom build :slight_smile: Muahahahaha Lightning and thunder in background


Exactly! True !

I would never buy firm-designed PC (and never did)

You need some (a lot of?) research re: hardware, but it worth it.
It will run much faster than any firm-designed including the fact that you are not getting preinstalled ■■■■, that you have to disable / rather delete - not a trivial task for not very experienced user.

Easy to upgrade … not always the case for firm-designed PCs.

In addition they are notorious concerning feeding you with old outdated hardware
And that is not just out-dated / not contemporary parts & old models … those could be repaired parts (hard drives are most common & famous pieces of ■■■■ supplied)


Well if its a laptop, i would buy Asus G73JH(Which i ordered). But it would have been nice if Custom build laptops from clevo, malibal or sager would be available in my country which apparently isnt happening!

If I had the money, I’d go with Alienware.

So would I ;D but I don’t.

You usually have to get a pre-designed/built laptop, right?

If you have the knowledge and access to parts Custom Built PC is the way to go.

Not sure about now but ABS Computers used to offer well built computers.
Back 11 years ago you could take a configuration change HDs ram, video card, sound card etc.
In the past iit did not offer all the extra software that comes with HP and Compaq etc.

In fact back then they offered a Home PC , Office PC and a Gaming PC, with an extraordinary long warranty.
Now it is strictly Gaming and a 1 yr warranty. With the ability to modify some items but not as many as before. I started with an upgraded PC and then down graded components to fit my budget.


I want the same type of “supercomputer” like the one in San Diego. I need to Analise a couple of petaflop’s of data :o ;). and to be able to play some of the newest games out there :-La without having to update every 6 months

I would go back to my teenage years and have a commodore Amiga500.
What a lovely old computer that was.