If you can't afford then just ask

Hi there…i’m a student in Vietnam…i have used Bit Defender for 3 years…but recently it came up with many problems…and beside…this is my first year away from home so i cant afford for any anti virus…so PLEASE,give me one key

Hello, may I ask for for a license please as well? As I really can’t afford to buy it :S Thanks a lot for beeing generous.

Well, there is always the risk of people abusing the offer (people not being in financial difficulties, or multiple registration in this forum). I wonder, wouldn’t be much simple to ask for a proof (example: somebody says he is a student …ask for a copy of his student ID)… :-\ I don’t know

I requested a licence here (I am a student myself) and I am willing to give you such information. Would be maybe too much of a trouble for the moderators to check the requests and ask for such ID? :-[

I’m sending you a key now emark… We have accidentally missed your post.


I apologise if this is classed as a double post but I just noticed another thread for requesting a free licence…

One of my friends mentioned your product. Our 12 year old has just been given a hand me down laptop for his birthday to use for his school work. Im an inexperienced user myself and have been told that its not the best of ideas to have a lot of different software running on one machine? Is this true? If it is then Id certainly appreciate if I qualify for a free licence so I have the piece of mind that my son is going to be safe online.

Hi Brian,
If you have already received a license key, it is good for up to 3 computers. As for a bunch of different software, it does tax on system resources, best idea is to have a single program that does all, and Comodo is the most resource efficient in this class.

Have you already received a license key?

Not yet I havent… Id appreciate one ASAP so I can get the laptop set up for my son…

thanks for your help and advice…

Thanks Brian, you should be receiving your key shortly.


Thanks very much, I’ll make sure I tell as many people I can about Comodo… At lot of my friends use the free firewall but Im not sure many of them know about the other products that Comodo have…

Please, please please !!!

Thank you very much !!!

:-TU :-TU :slight_smile:

can i have key please , i am using ur CIS(firewall+AV) for long time in both my systems (winxp/win764bit)

thanks you vm

Hey, I am a student and long time user of Comodo products. A licence key would be appreciated to help protect my home computers as well as wi fi for when I’m out and about. Thanks very much for this generous offer!


[color=blue][b]This is very nice of you to offer. I am a new nurse and use my computer for work and would dearly love to be one of the lucky ones chosen for a key. I have used Comodo for quite some time thanks to my geek friend referral and he would get use of the key too!! He is very deserving because he is always helping others with computer issues and never asks for anything in return!!

Please sir, if you have any left?

Carole LVN :-TU

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Great initiative and this shows that Comodo is a good company that cares for people. I would love a license, but claiming I can’t afford one would be a lie, and I don’t lie. :a0

Oh well! Go comodo! :comodorocks:

Check your ■■■. Thank you for you’re help and contribution on these forums mate!


I am using the free version now. Wish to try the full version. please send me a key

I want key only if you answer this question
I already have 1year paid antivirus subscription my question is can i quit comodo antivirus in the installer if no would it effect having 2 av’s at the same time.

Hi! Thanks for COMODO products :ilovecomodo:
Can I get a license key for better protect my system?

I’m poor student from Poland and I would like to secure my Computer with Comodo Internet Security. Could You send me a key?