If you can't afford then just ask

Hi, Josh! I would disagree with this statement :slight_smile: Same IP address doesn’t mean the same computer, but (for example) an anonyme proxy-server. In my case (I study in Germany) there is a programm called CyberGhost VPN, which offers such service (for free also) and allows that tousand of users are “visible” only under a single IP address, given by their servers. It is just a humble try (and our right actually) to protect our privacy. Now, I don’t know how many users of Comodo forums are using this service, but I thought I just say it as an attempt of explanation of multiple acount under the same IP ( (that explains why I didn’t get a licence then?) Hope I didn’t do anything wrong :-[

All my best wishes :slight_smile:

Yes. I know lol :slight_smile:

You will receive your key soon.


Hello what a great offer… I am unemployed IT student and would love to have the complete version of Comodo. Presently using the Firewall with the free version of Trustconnect. If you could send me a key that would be great! On a side note, would I have to uninstall the CIS 4.1 Firewall that I am using presently before installing the Complete version? Thanks again, Grant

Thank you for the key. Installed fresh and it’s just great, one of the lightest on resources that I have tried. I have yet to find a bad review on CIS. Thanks again!

Thank you so much! Received the key, installed the software and exploring it now… And…WOW! Impressive! I am gonna to recommend to my colleagues and people I know. Great job, guys! Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Thank you Stallion, really appreciate your kind words. Please do spread the word so that more people can benefit from this.


I would really love to receive license key for complete package as I can’t afford it.
In return I would try to spend more time participating in forums as much as I can, or help in any other way I can think of.

Hello ive been using comodo for long time and a will really like to give a try to pro edition. Thanks in advance.

Thank You Comodo very much.
Received the key and installing it right now.
What else can I say … you guys are the best, really, with awesome security product.
Keep it up :-TU

Sir I m from a student of IIT I cant afford this software plz give me the licence

Please, send me one… nice gesture !

:slight_smile: I installed CIS and I am so satisfied with it’s performance. Also different than anything I’ve been using so far (and believe me, I used a lot of security suites :slight_smile: ). I would appreciate a key (I am student). thank you so much :-TU

I have been using this software for a long time… It is the best firewall around… I am student in Pune, India. I greatly appretiate this effort. If you can provide me a license, that wil be great.
Thanks in advance.


I installed CIS Free and I’m so satisfied with it’s performance. Also different than anything I’ve been using so far. I am taking is completely laptop-based so I will be using public Wi-Fis alot and require Wi-Fi Protection. I would like the PRO features but cannot afford the full product. (I’m student in Hungary).

Thanks & Regards:

Hi you guys. I have been using Comodo Firewall for 2+ yrs, and has been fantastic for me and my lame, outdated XP system. Current version = 3.14.147648.588. I too am not in a position at the moment to purchase the new suite, but humbly request a license and would be grateful for your help. You make a very generous offer and I hope everyone who benefits from this will appreciate your kindness.

If I do get a chance to use this new suite, I’d be grateful also for any suggestions on installing [ie: remove current version firewall first - looking through forum, this seems like it could be tricky – run clean up tool? - or does this only apply to those who had earlier version suite installed? vs. firewall only…]

Sorry, can’t seem to form a simple sentence very well…Just wonder if I can simply uninstall CFP, then install CISComplete?

Thank you for offer and any advice. Ethan.


I would like to have the key,please.
I’m a student and can’t afford to buy softwares


I am a student. I would like to request a registration key. The family computer using free comodo and I think it’s enough for it. But my laptop at school, college and public places where I use, unprotected. And this machine requires more security, because it is more important to me. So I would like to request a key. Thank you for the opportunity.


From reviews i can see that CIS is all I need to keep me secure (thanks to languy99!). I am a student and have jsut bought a new laptop for the next year but no security software. Please could you help me?

Hi, Josh!
I am Brazilian!
Sorry my english ridiculous!
Use Comodo Firewall since versions 2.xxx.
I have Windows XP SP3 x86 dual boot with Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and would like to receive a key Comodo Internet Security Complete for both versions of the operating systems listed above!
Now, thank you in advance!
Thank you!


I have been using Comodo as my firewall since I first heard of it years and years ago ( I remember it saving me against a hijacking attempt that ZoneAlarm couldn’t stop, haha). I had recently stopped using it with 4.0 as per the 64 bit compatability mode issues. I have noticed they are fixed so I have switched back to Comodo 4.1. I am currently in a financial letdown because as of next year I will be attending college. Because of this I have very little spending money and therefore cannot afford CIS Complete. And the course I am taking is completely Laptop-based so I will be using public Wi-Fis alot and require Wi-Fi Protection. I would very much like a key if they are still available.

Hello everyone,

I’ve been sending keys as quickly as I can. But remember, this is a generous offer from Comodo and although tempting please do not abuse it, any key you take when you could have purchased the software is 1 less key available to somebody who may truly need it.