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Hi Everyone

Please “reply” to this post if you can’t afford to have security and help with your computer.

Please do not disclose your email address in your reply. The information will be sent as a Personal Message (PM) to you.

please ONLY Genuine requests

Our moderators will help you with your request.

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This is how you get the Comodo Internet Security Complete and how to register it:

Download here:


License key:
will be provided to you and this key is good for upto 3 computers

Register your license key here:

For more information on CIS Complete see here:

FYI: The differences between CIS Premium (free) and CIS Complete

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hello am a user of comodo firewall I’m really interested by your product license Pro version thank you send me a key cordially /

You will receive it shortly.


Wow that is nice of Comodo. :o :-TU :-TU

(Makes me want to say :comodorocks:)

As I don’t have a full-time job, I don’t really have enough to pay for TrustConnect. Would it be possible to get a license for it? (Also, usually you pay for TC on a monthly or yearly basis. Would a license only last a year then?)

Josh™, Melih,
Am having several issues with COMODO Free, and I hope that the Complete package will help me to short-circuit my learning curve and get it all resolved, by replacing the possibly corrupted stuff with solid security.
You are right, I can’t afford it for now.

Justification and sob story: Am now long-term unemployed, laid off from my avionics engineer job supporting the Constellation Program at NASA MSFC when a serious illness (corrected by surgery eventually) coincided with NASA’s need for budget adjustment more than 6 months ago, and now with the President’s decision to follow through on his announcement and stop by September 30 the manned spaceflight program for the foreseeable future (Constellation was to pick up manned spaceflight from the Space Shuttle), there is basically no hope of being recalled.
FYI - The Space Shuttle will make its last launch on September 26, and the word at NASA is that on September 30, 5,000 engineers and technicians supporting the Shuttle will “enter the outplacement process” with no more missions to support, nowhere to go. I am in the older age bracket, and nobody wants to hire an engineer in this age group for a serious job. While I am trying to hang onto our small house and pay the mortgage here, and apply to other employers for low-level jobs with my MSEE degree, the max. unemployment my state will pay me is $255.00 a week. House payment of about $1,000 plus a few hundred for utilities eats that up and more, and savings are running out fast. When I can get a job, things will turn up, but unemployment ins. is scheduled to end before this month is out, and it will take an act of Congress, literally, to keep it going any longer. The state’s website informs me now, there is only $765.00 remaining in my account in the UI fund, to be paid at $255 a week over the next 3 weeks, and when that is gone, it is all gone.

I will post my latest round of troubles affecting Comodo IS 4.0 in the appropriate forum, not here.
Will be grateful if Comodo can help out, as the internet is now vital to getting a high-tech job, and as you may know, running a Windows PC on the internet these days is like having a demanding, colicky, teething baby in the house; it takes a lot of care and coaxing and lost sleep. Comodo Complete should take some of the hassle off my back!
Your favorable consideration of this painful request is respectfully requested.


"Check Six! Always check your Six!"
               - -  Watchword of surviving USAF Fighter Pilots (also of surviving engineers)

Hi Josh,

I saw your thread at Wilderssecurity forum. I and my brother are using Avast free with Comodo firewall. We both love your product but we have never used your AV product, because of update issue. But today we both have decided to use your CIS complete. He’s not very techie, so i would request you to give us 1 or 2 license keys, so that we can able to have your top notch protection…

We cannot afford any paid product because our financial conditions did not allow us this. We can only afford Paid broadband and not more than that. Even we are not using Paid OS :P…My brother got DreamSpark License key of Windows 2008, so we are using it only…

I hope you will send us license key.

Yours Truly,
Hrnayy (Honey)

I would like a Pro license too please. (I won’t bother your livepc Support staff!)
I am not in a financial position to be able to pay.

I have been using the free version and would like the pro features but cannot afford the full product.

May I have a licence please. Thank you very much.

Very generous offer! Thank you very much!

Would you like me to send you a key?

Very good reviews about Comodo Security Products, better protection than GData or Norton! Wow, congratulations, guys! I would apprecate a licence (I am a studying right now) Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks for the license key. But its only 1 :frowning: and we have 2 systems…Secondly what about next year. Should we have to pay for it? ???

Last but not least if we keep this license key for 1 year, will it work or get disabled? Because right now i am using free premium version, and i am interested to use the license key in 2011, when a new version will be out… :slight_smile:

First I would like to thank melih and comodo for this generous offer. I will be attending college in the fall and as a happy comodo user for nearly two years I would love to use cis complete but for now all my money is being used for school. Once again thank you to melih and comodo for this offer.

Hi Melih and Josh!
I found Comodo Internet Security Complete on your website yesterday.
It seems like an awesome product but i just dont have the money, i dont have a full-time job.
The money just disappear… It goes to my wife, kids, school…
Our family would be very happy if we could get a copy of Comodo Internet Security Complete so we can be safe surfing the web. :smiley:

I am very interested and really appreciate your offer
I would love to have and use this vital and efficient software
Thanks very much

Helo ther

Please give me one licence. I poor can not buy suite. Thank you ahead. Sorry for bad english. I am new to Canada.

Good day Melih and Josh

Would you please send me one license to CIS complete. I am currently in a bad financial situation and badly need a protection with support and have heard great things about Comodo. I appreciate it and thank you well in advance.

Josh, Melih and the team,

I am very humbled for this opportunity. Moving across country last year and dealing with all the moving plans, plus with the state of the economy right now, this is a very generous offer. I have fixed computers for a living starting at the residential school I graduated from. (Have some sight issues but can see.) Our Tech man knew about Comodo and that is how I got introduced to your product. My old pc ran comodo well but since I upgraded, I’d like to take the opportunity to help others in their PC fixing with this license as well. I also plan to fix infected computers I run across with this suite as well, as it worked fantastic when I had it on my old machine.

Wishing the team all the best and continued success,


The key is valid for 3 PC’s and for one year - So you get the one year worth of updates/upgrades also off course in that period. If you still can’t afford it in one year… Then you can ask again next year.