If Comodo had an HTTP scanner I would...

Stop using Avast, Avira etc for good. Since all of them have http scanners I feel alittle bit safer while surfing the web, don’t get me wrong I know there are theory’s on http scanner and all but I don’t care really. So Comodo please fill that void in all of the users that use a different antivirus along with your firewall to be protected, just give us the http scanner in CIS!!! Thanks 8)

No need to, file gets scanned anyway with Antivirus module…

Oh, sorry… :-[


This will answer your question I hope ??? see link

Does CIS have email, p2p, web scanner(s)

Avira’s internet shield slows down your downloads and many users just disable it anyway. I don’t think there is a need in it. I surf Internet much faster and i can compare it with my experience using Avast, Avira and Kaspersky. they all still slow you down (Avast may be the best in it but it does it too). So i like it the way Comodo did it.

As long as malware aren’t run by you or self-executive malware but then d+ will give an alter that something is trying to run.

For instance: I found an fake AV(antivirus) called for System Defend Total Security 2011. I download it extracted and CAV (Comodo antivirus) gave me an alter that’s a virus. So no need to worry. CIS’s philosophy is to keep a clean computer clean.

Valentin N