if CIS was a shareware, would u buy it cause u think it's anyway the best one?

i’m curious about the fact that people just use comodo cause it’s free or cause it’s the best security prog for them,
so how many people would buy comodo if it was a shareware ?
does it make a difference ? freeware or shareware, comodo is a huge competitor for any other FW ?
i know the AV is not yet as good as the FW and D+, anyway i don’t use it.
comodo is THE firewall, and Defense+ is awesome protection compared to AV,
the comodo AV is young, it was added to comodo not a long time ago so it needs some improvments but when u see the quality of the FW and D+, the AV will be probably as good as competitors.

That’s a tough question.

Originally I started using CIS (inc. AV) because it was free and I had already used and liked the firewall.

Now that I’ve used it though I would strongly consider buying it if it was shareware.

Respectable answer, YES!

Honest answer,
No, I wouldn’t pay for it. I’m just very lucky it’s free :slight_smile:

originally i was using OA and bought a license then 2 months after i joined the comodo testing team and the results shutted my mouse i was claimed that OA was the best FW ever but i tested both comodo and OA and the results were showing clearly i was completly wrong and that comodo was far better than OA, it was long time ago, was using OA V2, i had “fights” with melhi from comodo on topics cause he was so sure comodo was far better and me about OA so the tests changed my mind and melih was not just claiming with no real reason as a fanatic man that his product was better, he knew it, so that’s why he was so sure and me doubting,
that’s normal, when someone in the high level of comodo enterprise is talking like that, u just imagine he’s here to show some nice image of his product even by telling lies like do most of others competitors,
but not this time, comodo was really what he said, then i stopped using my 2 months OA license and now i’m using comodo, and if it was a shareware i’ll get it cause there’s no FW and this D+ that is almost what i just need.
when i think about other FW sharewares, i know if comodo would end, i would be in a deep mess.
OA is now very better than it was but it’s not what i want and this flood crash i talked about one year ago into OA beta forum was not fixed when i tried OA or something like that.
i think i’ll test jetico as i used for long v1.0, but i used it once on vista 32 and it crashed in 5 min.
but it seems jetico 2.0 begins to be a very good product.
and i dont know outpost, and i dont like look’n stop, and zone alarm is not a FW to me, in fact i wonder what is it.
for vista 64, how many FW are working as stable as comodo ?
my laptop runs vista 64 and comodo 64, comodo was the first firewall working that well on vista 32 and 64.
i had probs finding some FW for vista at the begining, as no one anticipated the vista launch, but comodo 3.0 was ready,
even today lot of competitors got probs with vista32 and i dont talk about 64…

I use it because its free, CIS in my opinion is a lot more effective than other security products that’s not free. And to top it off we actually get support for free also.


this is very interesting question, but the answer to it is much harder. I use Comodo firewall (now CIS) for two or three years and the reason why I decided to use it was, that it is FREE. Before Comodo firewall I had used ZoneAlarm, but for me is more convenient Comodo. I think if comodo stay free, I will attract more people and this firewall would be even more popular. And I think it would be a signal for companies whose firewall is shareware that a free product is much better than a product for which you have to pay.

I would buy it very probably. I loved SSM, I choosed Comodo when it was discontinued, for the great performances of Comodo as firewall and HIPS and for his HIPS features and settings. I choose my security softwares for their performances, not because they are freeware. Naturally I like IF they are also freeware (:LGH) (:LGH) .

Only a remark: generally I prefer don’t use an all-in-one suite: I would like to have software from two Software Houses. i.e. av+ fw from one and the HIPS from another, or HIPS and fw and then the av from another.

My idea is that a complex malware could block the products of one House, but I always had another defensive line with the other House.

YES!!! :ilovecomodo:

I would buy it (:NRD)


Currently, the options are really just either “buy” or not. There is another option… >:-D

Hard to tell…

Probably… Since I see CIS as a good product… But I hope it stays free… :o :slight_smile: I hope it rather asks for donations if comodo needs money rather than go straight to the paid way. =)

I’m sorry, I wouldn’t pay for it. (Can’t is probably a better word) I happen to feel it has the the promise of being the best personal security application out there, but if they started charging for it, I’d have to go elsewhere.

an honest answer “NO”. coz i think freeware security solutions are good and sufficient for home users. there are good freeware securiy software out there. even reputed paid security softwares perform miserably. so for home user good freeware security and lil common sense and safe surfing practice is more than sufficient. and among the lot of freeware and i can say even shareware or paid i find cis the best. and i use it coz this wonderful software with dragon size useful and effective features is “FREE”. if this turns into shareware then i would prefer free avast, pc tools firewall and threat fire combination or the free genuine 6 monthly and yearly offers that are offered from time to time by the so called reputed paid security softwares. just my 2 cents. by the way NICE TOPIC.


I agree. Comodo’s manifesto: “free security software without fees ever!”.
BTW, lot of users(me too) help Comodo IS to become better by sending malware samples, reporting bugs, testing etc, because they/we think we can be part of Comodo community and because it is for free. Nowdays people need someone who looks beyond this almighty market, fees, licences… I uderstand that Comodo have to earn money, but they choose this path knowingly-they can make money by selling SSL certificates and other business products, and also they can do wonderful job like CIS for free. Comodo is a company with soul :slight_smile:

Donations?why not, if needed.

No way. I would get software from a company that respects its users and actually acts on security information supplied to them. A look at the top three at Matousec is a good example of other companies I’d much rather support monetarily. (Comodo excluded) Comodo is a great company for fanboyism, but anyone daring to criticize is met with “oh ur so n00b, git da fawk out” by the rabid users, while the CEO smugly smiles.

Additionally, Comodo is a bloated and slow. Why spend money on sloppy coding? Adding rules to Comodo D+ involves a painful waiting period. Its GDI usage overkill is horrible too.
There is no easy way of sorting the rules either, once you go into the management. If you have a lot of applications installed it can be hard finding the one you’re looking for.

From next reinstall, no more Comodo for me. And it’ll be great! :smiley:

Bloated? CIS is about the lightest suite there is. 88)

It, like all programs, does have some bugs though.

I would not buy it unfortunately. Not because its a bad product, I think its the best one out there paid or free. I really only use freeware stuff. I truly appreciated any developer that has a solid product and can have a freeware version for all people to use, rich or poor. My hats off to the Comodo team! :BNC


You’ve made some good points (GDI object usage is still too high for my liking and the fanboyz can get a bit much ;)) but there is one thing in your post (and a handful of posts from other users) that I just don’t understand.

If CIS is so bad, why are you still using it (albeit until your next reinstall)?

Please understand I’m not trying to be snide or dismissive. I’d really like to understand why some people (not just you, znix) use a product when they openly state they don’t like it. I just don’t get it and would like to know why some do this, just in case I’m missing out on a valid perspective I haven’t yet considered.

Ewen :slight_smile:

The question is… does Comodo planing to change licence from freeware to shareware or payware (:SAD)?I hope not.

No they’re not :wink: