If anyone has noticed-new Anti-Keylogger test 2.5 on Firewallleaktester.com!

Does Comodo 3.0 pass it?

Comodo passes Anti-Keylogger 2.0

Any opinions?


Greetings, I’m using, and it passes all test of the latest version of AntiKeyLoggerTest.
It was reported that the former one( didn’t pass the DirectX test due to a new default configuration. If you’re interested about finding out how to make CFP3 pass it, read this.
Not sure if this has been fixed in CFP RC1 tho, needs someone with to check that.


I downloaded the new lleak test and when I first tried it, I received security warnings. I did not block, because I wanted to test again, so I cancelled and did no action. Now when I run the 3 tests, I’m connected directly to Comodo’s web site (which of course is not a good thing, becuase the test failed). I went to Defense+ > Computer Security Policy, and found the reference to CPIL Security Suite and removed it (hoping that I could then run the test again and get the security warnings to come up. However, CFP continues to allow the keystrokes to be transmitted to Comodo.

What else do I need to do to fixt this.

Also, I had downloaded the Comodo Buffer Overrun (BO) Tester sometime back and I ran that as well. All 3 tests indicate “Vulnerable”. I’m not sure if CFP is designed to handle these issues, but if so, what tweaking of my settings do I need to do to achieve this level of memory protection.