iexplore.exe web browser run as trusted ap?

I wanted to know if it was safe to select that? Or is there any kind of danger with selecting that? I am also just a tad confused with what to pick when aps want to run. The following I do understand and know what to do:

Installer or Updater
Trusted Application
Windows System Application

Now here are the ones I do not understand and what they would fall under?

Isolated Application
Limited Application (I am thinking that could be used for iexplore.exe to be more safe?)

Any help would be appreciated. Currently I have iexplore.exe set as Trusted Application.

I wouldn’t consider it trusted, but that is really up to you.

By giving it a trusted policy, it is basically free to do anything it wants. Not always a good thing with a web browser. (Especially IE) I would rather my browser ask me when it attempts to do something that may be abnormal, so I stick with the custom policy.

I would also change the network security policy to web browser. (Firewall → Advanced → Network Security Policy)

I will make the change in the firewall. When editing. Do I choose use a predefined policy and put web browser? Or do I select the custom and copy from predefined security policies? Do you also advise doing this with firefox as well?


I just went ahead and deleted it in D+ and let it pick it up again as custom policy. Still need help though answering the top question. Thanks.

Yes, just select web browser from the predefined policies.

I would do this for any browser you use.

Thanks. I will do that. I am not questioning you so dont take it that way. I installed the firewall with D+ all at defaults. Is there a reason why Comodo you think did not do that in the first place as default settings?

That would be a question for the developers.

Can some one at Comodo please answer that question? Just curious. :slight_smile:

IE? My installation defaulted that to browser.

Mine didn’t. It didn’t do it with Firefox either.

Then I would agree it is something the Devs should take a look at.

I have also noticed it set my email apps to custom as well. It should be set to email right? Using Mozilla Thunderbird and Outlook Express.

Try it and see if it works. I use the Windows Live Mail application for my email. I used the email client profile with version 3.5, but when 3.8 was released, the email client profile won’t allow it to connect.