ieframe.dll global hook keylooger??


Comodo Firewall is alerting me that “ieframe.dll has been injected into ieexplore.exe” and that this is a global hook used by hackers to steal keystrokes etc. Prior to this alert, I had used Microsoft automatic updater, and I know that ieframe.dll is a part of the IE7 browser, which I have.

Is Comodo just letting me know that this file MAY be exploited by hackers?

The ultimate outcome is that I can’t get onto the Internet. When the Comodo pop up alert shows up, should I just click “allow”?


Correct. CFP at this version doesn’t warn if a component is legitmate or malware. It only alerts you that something has been injected into something else. If you recognize them, then it is safe to allow, otherwise you may not be able to browse.