IE9 Beta and Stable release date

Hi. Has anyone tried IE9 beta and if yes, whats your thoughts on it regarding performance, usability, security etc etc?? How is it compared to IE8? Also has anyone any knowledge on a possible Stable release date?
Thanks everyone.

I’m still with CD Portable :slight_smile:
Late 2010/Early 2011 < this is from google :slight_smile:


Hi captainsticks ,

I did test it

  • a bit faster than IE8;
  • do not expect anything better re: security - the thing is pathetic
  • the new extremely doubtful feature is verification of the publisher if you download executable, but you know that you cannot trust that … hope you got that already using Comodo’s trusted list and signed malware.modified signed Applications; etc.;
  • only the 32-bit version of IE 9 has the new Chakra engine;
  • 64 bit IE is still useless for many known reasons (as a whole x64 MS concept as it stands currently);
  • It may compete with Chrome re: the speed, but please try Fox beta 4 and judge yourself;
  • not currently , but Chrome has a chance concerning security , but you cannot compare it to Fox old or new incoming, including default security and existing layers presented by add-ons

That’s my point of view according to the testing

Anyway, IE is a closed and forgotten page here.
I’m not using it for ages,… but keeping it up-to date for tests; helping user; and for those weird badly written Applications that will launch the pathetic thing (due to hard-coding) despite the other browser is set as default


Thanks Jake and SiberLynx for the information.
To SiberLynx thanks for your input here, I don’t hardly use IE, but I was just wondering if MS had finally made a competative browser and after reading your comments I have decided maybe not. Firefox, Chrome,Cd, Opera etc all have good and bad points it is a pity they all can’t bind together to make a super duper browser, but then again what is super duper for one person may not be for another. We humans are hard to please. Thanks again guys.