IE8 VS Firefox 3.6 VS Comodo Dragon

I have a question. Which is more secure and safer. Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3.6, OR Comodo Dragon.
I’m guessing it is Internet explorer but i’m not really sure.

Most people will tell you pretty much any browser is better than IE, although Microsoft has apparently been making strides to make it better. I use Dragon but Firefox, Opera, Safari ect. are all good browsers. Dragon has security & privacy enhancements over Chrome, so one can assume it is pretty secure as browsers go.

Comodo Dragon out of all of these due to the Chromium sandbox. The second would be IE due to protected mode, then FireFox because it doesn’t have anything protection wise.
Comodo Dragon would probably also be the fastest.
I use Opera anyway.

FireFox because it doesn't have anything protection wise.
Out of the box, Yes. But adding "Adblock Plus" and "Noscript" and your good to go. Firefox also has "start private browsing"

I’d pick firefox or dragon. Try out both of them and see which one you like better.

I have both, but I’m slowly using dragon more and more, depending on where I go.

On Vista and 7, with UAC enabled. :slight_smile: But on XP and an administrator account… :o