IE8 redirecting

Hi I have your free internet security installed and I find myself consistently getting redirecting malware on my pc. Firewall doesnt seem to stop it at all and I dont know what the malware is called to give you any information. I have to use other software to remove it every couple of days since installing CIS a couple of weeks ago. What can I do to stop it?

What I would do is this. When the malware seems to not be present, delete all your system restore points by turning it off. Then do a scan with Malwarebytes and maybe another one with SuperAntiSpyware. Get rid of anything they might find. Then run for a while to see if the problem is gone and if it is turn System Restore back on and immediately create a restore point.

redirecting is sometimes a sign of a rootkit. have you ran a rootkit scanner. i would recommend GMER.

Wow…thankyou so very very much. Will give all suggestions a try.
You guys are great…I think I’ve had to deal with almost everything BUT a redirecter.
Wasn’t sure where to start but thanks to you guys am sure my system will be clean very shortly.
Thanks again

Just curious, but did you figure out what the problem was?

If the malware is gone, but your still being redirected. Then basicly, the malware is removed, but the dns setting hasn’t been changed back from before it was altered (Which would explain why your still getting redirected). So check go check your DNS settings and restore it

You can find that in “network connections” in windows

If you don’t know or what it’s supposed to be

then feel free to use comodo’s dns then (Don’t forget to click on “apply” when done)

Afterwords, disconnect the power from the router.
Run the scan to make sure it’s gone again, when it’s finally gone. Then check to make sure the DNS hasn’t changed still. If good to go. There will be no more redirecting. So you can then connect power from the router again. <—It’ll take a minute or two for the router to be good to go. :wink:


i just recently cleaned a friends computer and it was still being redirected but no scanners were finding anything even with a bootable rescue disk. i finally figured out what was redirecting him. it was a modified host file. try replacing your host file with one from a clean computer. its located in c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc

to open the file right click it and open it with notepad.

i have also attatched what it should look like

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