IE8 has Black Menu & Toolbar after Installing CIS

After Installing CIS 3.10.102363 or 3.9.95478.509 IE8 will have black menu & tool bars when xp is set to classic view. I can toggle between xp syle view and classic view to restore IE8 colors, but one of two things will happen on the next reboot. 1- xp starts in classic view and IE8 has black bars or 2- xp starts in xp style view and IE8 appears normal.

If I go into msconfig and disable Comodo Internet Security Helper Service IE8 appears normal.
Also I did notice that installing CIS will somtimes cause xp to change from classic view to xp style view on the first reboot.

I really dislike the XP Style View (a.k.a. cartoon view)
Hopefully a fix or workaround can be found for XP Classic View…

Dell GX620 XPSP3 IE8 CIS clean install.