IE8 faster than others

Posted this on opera forum no way of solving the issue yet! I am finding that IE8 is loading pages much faster ie ebay sign in opera takes 8 seconds IE8 4 seconds. I have done most tweaks to opera apart from reinstall. I am running win7 64bit, nod32, cis3. Ps I have tried FF, Slim & CD(which is promising). Cheers

My experience said IE8 is only faster than IE6-7. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah thats basically what I got told on opera forum! Question is hows this happening on my system?

What version of Opera? IE8 feels the same as prior versions to me


What version of Opera?
This might be interesting to know. I felt Opera pre-alpha to be a bit slower on casual browsing, but the new beta 2 is definitely faster than any other browser available right now.

Just give the beta 2 a(nother) shot and you’ll see :wink:


I’m running opera 10.10. I’ve not tried opera 10.50 b2 on this machine. Maybe I should have said pages render quicker in ie8 also the ping is lower.

I also use 10.10 and I know it’s slow. Can’t wait until 10.50 is out. The bug fixes have restarted.

Ah so I’m not the only one with a slow opera browser

maybe it’s because it’s better coded for IE (It’ll work with all browsers, but with IE efficiency in mind)

I have always found IE8 to be just as fast and in some cases faster than any of the other browsers in opening a single page. It is the fastest in my experience at loading my home page from a cold start of the browser. The only thing I have found it slower at is opening more than 3 tabs at once which is something that I never do anyway.