Hi Guys,
I am at present using Windows XP S2 with IE6. Has anyone tried the newly issued version of IE7 and how did you find it in comparison to IE6 (V) (V) (V)

Well personally, i think it’s a lot better than IE6. :slight_smile:

It has a newer interface, and more security, so overall it is better.

Thanks Guys,

Might as well give it a try

Cheers :■■■■

Thats right, remember if you don’t like it you can always go back to IE6.

I’ve found it to be a little slower than IE6, at times it takes the anti phishing aspect of the browser ages to do it’s job…i find myself staring at the green moving box waiting for the browser to make up it’s mind.

The jury is still out as far as i’m concerned as to wether IE7 or Firefox is the best browser.