IE7 problems

:-\very often IE blocks and after trying to remove IE (end now) I get memory dump (dumprep.exe activated) ?

Can you describe in more detail what happnes? What do you mean with IE blocks? What do you mean with trying to remove? Do you mean removing IE rules in CIS? What is crashing IE 7 or CIS? What OS are you on?

XPProSP3, when I click some link I am waiting for the long time, and page does not open, I start task manager, trying to stop app. (IE), dumprep is starting to do something, I kill the process and IE shutes down.

What policy did you set for IE in D+? Look under D+ → Advanced → Computer security policy.

What policy did you set for IE in the firewall? Look under Firewall → Advanced → Network security policy → application rules.

Is IE7 the only effected browser? Or do similar things happen in other browsers?