IE7 Printers blocked by Defence+

I have lost all my printers in IE7. I have found that disabling Defence+ is the only way that my printers appear.

What do I need to do.

XP patched up to date.


I don’t think this happened on earlier versions or something else has changed. Defence+ turned off until this is resolved.

When did you lose your printers?-as part of the install/upgrade of the new CFP? Are your printers on a network or connected directly? Do they not appear at all under the list of printers or just not in IE7? Is anything isolated under D+? Do you get any D+ messages? Have you tried to unplug/replug printers or go through add/delete hardware and see if you can find them? May need to try an uninstall/reinstall since there are various reported installer errors and haven’t seen this problem reported as a bug.

All other programs can see the list of printers. I have one networked printer (the default) which uses a wirelss connection to a desktop workgroup machine with a USB connected Canon printer, and a PDF “printer” plus two micrtosoft printers and a further remote PDF printer. They are all present in the printers in control panel and available in the printer dialog box in MS Word 2003 (and I was able to use it).

Within IE7 however the printer list is completely empty and when you try to add a printer it says the print spooler service is not available. I have checked and it was running and I stopped it and restarted it to no avail. I am running using an administrator account on XP Pro

Disablling Defence+ makes the printers reappear and re-enabling causes them to disappear.

I don’t know exactly when the problem occurred as I don’t print using IE7 from the laptop very often. I have recently updated comodo - on the working machine I only did this yesterday.

I have the same version of Comodo on the other (desktop) machine where the USB printer is connected and that appears to be OK although the icon in the tray appears to be missing. Clicking on the desktop icon restores the tray icon.

I have tried a system restore back about 2 weeks but this did not cure the problem. I did not check the Comodo version however.

I added “Printers” to your thread title to try to attract a few more viewers. Another strange one. :frowning:

Hi steelej,

Can you please check the following: put defense+ to safe mode, set IE7 as trusted application under computer security policy, try reproduce issue. Is it gone?

If not leave defense+ in safe mode, leave IE7 as trusted application, uncheck everything under Defense+ → Advanced → Defense+ Settings → Monitor Settings. Try to reproduce issue.
What are results?

Thank you - it seems as if it had been set to “Isolated application”. Setting it to Trusted application seems to have worked.

On this topic I have been unable to find a clear explanation in your help files or on the web as to what each of these terms actually mean. What is the difference between an Isolated App and a Trusted app?

Its to do with what privelages any given executable has.


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Thanks for that. I had guessed tht was the case but I have been unable to find a quick summary a to what the predifined policies do. It is possible (as you showed) to look at each one separately but a comparison table wuould help enormously to those of us who have a good understanding of networking and firewalls and have only recently started to look at Comodo. I have been evaluating your firewall for some months now but I think it needs better help facilities before I can recomend it to less experienced users. With better help files I it would be my firewall of choice to recommend to less experienced users but not quite yet.

(My day job is designing secure computer systems with large and complex networks. I recommend security to the home and small business user as a sideline)