IE7 CPF & McAfee Site Advisor

Issue today not experienced before because I only use IE7 for Windows updates and M/Soft sites. I have WinXP SP2, IE7 & F/Fox, Spysweeper, Ad-Aware, Super AntiSpyware, Spybot and Avast. I also find McAfee Site Advisor helpful. Today, I went to a Windows site and Site Advisor told me it was having communications problems and had to close. I went to Site Advisor to upgrade. I then got a bug report form from Comodo that I completed because I attempted to upgrade S/Advisor and was having issues with the install.

In the meantime CPF told me that there was a problem, it had to close and there it remained in initialization status, until I got offline and rebooted my PC.

I uninstalled Site Advisor and reinstalled it. CFP working fine on reboot, but a bunch of high severity alerts for previous online session regarding suspicious behavior for Site Advisor entries and some for IE7 and Firefox. It was like the browsers were “training” again.

All seems to be working properly now with no further high severity alerts or initialization issues for CPF. Should this incident be of concern to me. I’m not really technically savvy with regard to the inner workings of a firewall, so I would appreciate some edification. Thanks, Diane

Hi Diane

I’ve not personally used McAfee’s SiteAdvisor, but from looking on the net, it can install a plug-in to both IE & FF. So, I suspect all the alerts from CFP center around new DLLs of SiteAdvisor’s being detected in your browsers. As for CFPs crash… is there an entry in Windows Event Logs for it?

Edit: BTW I think only CFPs front-end GUI (cpf.exe) crashed, this fits with CFP not notifying you of Alerts (the front-end in CFP does that).

Kail: Thanks for your reply.

I looked in the event viewer and the only errors I found had to do with SiteAdvisor. I could find nothing related to CPF. A bug report popup did come from Comodo during this "system burp"and I completed it and sent along. Everything is now working just fine. Thanks again for the info. D.