IE7 Auto loads AntiSpam download page

Hi all,

I have an unusual problem. After installing the new version of COMODO AntiSpam, since removed, every time I start up the PC IE7 automatically opens and loads the ‘downoad’ page for the new COMODO AntiSpam program: Anti-spam | Cloud Based Spam Email Filter Security from Comodo - 2019

I have tried restore [back one month] and a clean boot but neither of these have changed the situation.
I have also tried to ‘locate’ the IE7 autostart - COMODO page load key in msconfig, regedit, CodeStuff Starter and Autoruns but have not been able to locate a ‘key’ or link that is easily identifiable as the cause.

Can anyone help locate the ‘key - process - file - command - registry entry’ that causes this to happen so that I can then remove it.

All other COMODO products run well and have no problems.

With thanks for your time and help,


I don’t have IE7 but surely it will be somewhere under TOOLS → OPTIONS, won’t it?

Hi, All

With a little help from Paul, PacMan, I found a registery key in msconfig that had a ‘-g’ tag attached to the start-up for Comodo AntiSpam 2005:


Initially I dissabled this key and the problem stopped.

In discussion with Paul we decided to try and remove the ‘-g’ tag = possibly ‘upgrade?’

With CodeStuff Starter loaded and running I edited the ‘key’ and removed the -g tag.

In msconfig I enabled the key again.

Rebooted the machine and no auto start for IE7 or CAS Download page load.

Comodo AntiSpam 2005 now loads normally although I have to manually close its start-up menu box.



Hi Lumpy2

How did you manage to remove Anti Spam?

I can’t get rid of it try as I may. I am expected to do that in order to install the update.

Comodo Technical Help have given up trying to assist me.
They, obviously, have not a clue.


Hi, Drosilla

Go to Starter - manage your startup programs and download CodeStuff Starter.

Load the program and run it to locate the COMODO [CAS] AntiSpam start-up key.

It should be listed under “All Sections” in the RH side box.

CAS 2005 in my PC setup lists as: ComodoAntiSpam.lnk

Dissable CAS and restart the PC.

You should then be able to remove CAS with Control Panel Add or Remove Programs.

You can then reinstall 2005 or CAS version 2.0 as needed.