IE6 Security warning with certificate of this forum.

The computer I’m using now gives a ‘certificate not trusted’ warning when I use this forum.
This is a W2k machine with IE 6.0.2800.1106
Using Firefox on the same machine gives no problems.

Is it the certificate or the browser?
I’m mentioning this because the visitors of my websites may have the same issue with a Comodo certificate and decide not to trust their business with me.

The problem is not there on other Comodo sites ( and others), just on

Any insight is appreciated.

Kind regards,


The resolution depends on the warning you are seeing.

The forum certificate is chained as per the attached.

If you do not see that then its possible a root certificate is now missing from your browser.


[attachment deleted by admin]

Yes, I did examine this information. It’s only on this PC and this browser of which I know wasn’t updated recently.
I just wondered because it only happens at and not on other comodo (sub)domains.



If only one PC then it suggests a missing root certificate.

And it depends on what sub-domains you refer to as to whether they use the same root.