IE Problem


I´ve made some research in the forum before publishing this post, and noticed that other users have also reported that Internet Explorer is unable to access the internet, even if given full access in the application monitor module. :frowning:

In fact the only way to allow Avant browser (an IE-based browser) establish an internet connection (or even a localhost connection) is to shift the Comodo Firewall to the “Allow All” mode. (:NRD)

Sad solution for such a fine piece of software… ending up as a simple monitoring application!

When I used the normal “Custom Mode”, I had “Network Monitor” inactive, and tried to use the firewall with a lot of options inactive, but whatever I did Avant browser was unable to access the intra- and inter- nets.

So, I installed once again Zone Labs Free and began using Comodo as a monitoring tool.

I believe this issue must deserve an urgent attention from the developping team, because people affected by this problem should stay away ftom this otherwise excellent firewall.

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i too recently discovered I couldn’t access the internet without puting Comodo into the allow all function. I have it on two computers, but so far only have trouble with one. I was wondering has any way around that problem been descovered yet. i not very computer knowing, but I thought it was a pretty good product till this started.

If you have the solution or any suggestions can you email them to me at
thank you in advance if it works.