IE Prob

Win 7 64
IE 10 with defaults
Default Add-Ons & Java, Flash

For couple of days IE sometimes works fine & sometimes shows "waiting " & then page cannot be displayed. Dragon works fine.

I tried setting IE to defaults, cleaning temps, etc… but the prob persists.

Any info & solution.

I noticed today.
The truth on one site.
Now she works. IE10.
Just wondering you have not changed anything in the global rules of CIS?
Edit: I look sites in bookmarked. I do not look lot site with IE.

CIS defaults here

Do not know what has caused. I changed the global rules in FW CIS. Experimentation. ;)Though …

I cleared everything in IE. Put cache to 0. Journal of 0 days. Pages are not updated.
Remove log on exit.
I’ve noticed that IE 9-10 does not delete temporary files when you exit your browser. Even if the mark is - Removed.

Edit: Did not work yesterday’s site local ISP.
After restarting earned.
Clean the folder Prefetch.( windows) Restart the Internet.

Edit: Again failure with IE.
CIS’s not your fault. I think hosting
It failure. is now working again. Need to watch ???
The request exceeds the time.
On IceDragon also sometimes a problem.
I’m checking on one site.

IE 9 doesn’t do it but 10 does on my machine.

All right. Thank you.
I’ll check again. Now I’m on IE9.
Are you sure that IE10 deletes temporary Internet files?
For complete information for me, could you see them through
CCleaner or Total Commander? After the close of IE10. When you close IE10 it is clear that the process of removing stories, but the files remain.

Thank again.
Edit: Yes. IE10 does not leave temporary files.
I now IE settings put everything to 0.
The truth is not the main IE browser. Once again checked.
Thank you.

The prob I have mentioned in the above thread solves this IE issue here i.e if I set dns manually in the adapter then IE works fine.