IE loads pages very slowly when Comodo is on

I installed Comodo two days ago.
I did several Firewall port browser leak etc. tests and Comodo passed. So, I like the fact that Comodo seems very secure.
I don’t mind all the pop-up boxes since I expect that to happen during the first week when a firewall program is still “learning.”

However, I don’t like the fact that every webpage I now open loads very very slowly. Without Comodo, I can have 3 or more IE’s open with 5 or more tabs each. Now, if I have one IE open with one tab, it takes many seconds to more than a minute to load the page. If I have several tabs open in that one IE window, loading the pages takes up most (95+%) of my CPU resources - which means my compu is “frozen” and I can’t do anything else such as use Word or Excel while I’m waiting for the IE pages to complete loading .

Nothing’s popping up so that means Comodo knows that that connection is allowed. So, I don’t know why loading web pages takes a long time when Comodo is on.

I’ve quit Comodo for the moment because I can’t afford to have exremely slow loading webpages. I do a lot of technical writing and so I need to load search and load pages and pages of science journal articles. I can’t waste time waiting an eternity to be able to read or download each article.

If there are no permission issues (i.e., Comodo is not asking to allow or deny the page), is there anything else that can be tweaked to make the pages load “normally” (i.e., normally means as fast it would load if Comodo is not on).

Thank you.

Some websites may have content-related protocols used to transfer images, etc, that are not allowed by the default Network Monitor rules in CFP, and this might be related. If that were to be the case, the Activity/Logs would show it.

It’s also possible that your AV is interacting poorly with it, if it has any sort of “webshield” module. That’s not uncommon, and could easily produce those results.

Another possibility is that some other active security software was running while you installed CFP, and this caused a low-level conflict that resulted in strange performance issues.

Those are just a few possibilities. Generally, slow browsing issues end up being related to something besides the firewall (even though the firewall seems to be an obvious answer).


I have this issue mostly with a certain forum and the animated icon for the firewall goes really slow and I have to refresh a few times to get it to work, I have Avast home edition. I tried erasing the temp internet files and it did no good any suggestions would be good.

Might be Avast’s webshield, sanctuary24; if I recall correctly that issue has occurred before. Might try disabling it and see if things improve.