IE... dns(53) -UDP

Hi Guys,
{XP Pro, SP2; IExplorer 7}
Got this message:
iexplore.exe Port: dns(53) - UDP
I found it happens only when IE was fired from Taskbar Launcher or
Start/Programs or home base dir.
I haven’t notice it before because I use shortcuts which were set ages ago. I created a special folder with various IE shortcuts for different starting points.
So mainly there are two questions:

  1. Should I allow access? I heard that 53 UDP can be used by worms.
  2. What would be the difference between those calls to fire up IE described at the beginning and shortcut ones so the latter do not cause Comodo’s alert?
    Thanks in advance

Difficult to tell without seeing the actual messages (CFPs Log can be exported to an HTML file & then simply cut ‘n’ pasted to the forums), but the difference between these 2 calls of MSIE is probably that they have different parents (ie. the program that called MSIE) & this is why CFP is alerting you. In fact, if MSIE is your default browser, then CFP should also alert you the first time you attempt to open URLs within other programs, since the parent of MSIE would be new.

DNS (port 53) over UDP is the normal method that your system will use to resolve host names into IP numbers. It is normally safe, but you should ensure that there are no “unknown” components involved or things that you don’t expect. Since all names need to resolved into IP numbers, a DNS query like this would quite often be the first notification you get of something new (to CFP) being detected.

Hope that helps.

Hi Kail,
Thanks for reply.
I will look at log file and post the extract with actual messages. Unfortunatelly I cannot do it now because my XP box stopped to be “actual” itself an hour ago due to illness in power supply area.
I am riding my old W2000 horse now. And this slow but reliable friend doesn’t have described problem.
My best regards