IE cannot connect to (blocked) after the update, anyone too?

After installing the latest Firewall update, IE cannot connect to Nor any google related website, not gmail, not google map. None. All other websites are fine. The problem is only applying to google related website.

Whenever I want to connect to those website, it immediately get the “website cannot be displayed” message. It seems that somehow the “” has been redirected to a local IP or blocked (which is unknown to me).

My firefox and Metro IE are working well and can connect to google without any problem.

Reset the IE to default does NOT solve the problem. Checking Regedit didn’t see obverse problem. Host file are intact (there is no line redirecting to in hosts)

I am using the free firewall on windows 8.1 x64. This problem is confirmed on my machine by restoring the system to pre- update (which IE can connect to google) and reinstall the update (then IE cannot connect to google).

When updating, I didn’t allow installing “Yahoo”. I noticed that this update includes URL check and blocking (I think this must be the problem).

Hi and welcome sixthday,
I had the same issue with Google sites using IE 11, what solved it for me was adding Google to the trusted sites list under security in the internet options.
I do not think the issue is Comodo related as it does not affect earlier versions of IE.

Kind regards.


Great! Thanks for the simple solution.

You are welcome, glad to hear it solved the issue. :-TU

Speaking for myself it seems like COMODO have just taken a giant step forward for humanity as a whole.

I mean, a whole world without GOOGLE; what bliss!

Sentiment re Google appreciated!

On a more serious note though, I cannot connect to Google, Yahoo and many others using version 7 unless I disable Enhanced Protected Mode (risky) or add them to my Trusted Sites (cumbersome & risky). I have System Restored back to version 6.3.

I’m using IE11 on Windows 8.1 x64.

i could not connect to any site after the update
i could connect but every site even the comodo site and this forum too took 15 minutes to load… no joke!!!
i got out of this mess by the advanced settings in the FW… there is some thing about site filters / filtering sites some thing like that (a special new super function), i turned this OFF as far as i could, i reloaded every site in the browser (they were still loading…) and they reloaded all together in less than 5 seconds