IE blocked on first launch?

I have been using CFP for about a year, and it has upgraded itself to v3.8.65951.477 over that time (I have not explicitly installed CIS). I am using XP Pro Sp3, and IE v7. Also running AVG8.

Over the last few months, I find that regularly, if I start an IE session, it will fail to load any web pages and instead, in the status bar, just shows the IP address of the web page that it is trying to load (instead of the web URL when it works but just takes a while to load). It will just sit like that more or less forever. But if I then close the browser, and start it up again, it works fine.

I am therefore wondering if somehow Comodo firewall is blocking IE, but there is no mention of it in any of the firewall or defense logs. It is getting quite frustrating that so regularly, a new session of IE just doesn’t work.

I did a search of the forums, but couldn’t find any obvious similar problem. Thanks for any info.


Welcome to the Forum. Scally.
Have you disabled Windows Firewall?
If not, please disable that as two active firewalls do not work well together.
If yes, try disabling CIS’s firewall (right-click the tray icon and select Firewall/Disable).
Now try your browser to see if it is still doing the same thing.

Thanks - I do not have Windows firewall active (indeed, disabling comodo firewall brings up the windows red balloon systray icon).

When it occurs that IE cannot connect to anything, disabling the firewall and defense+ at that time does not enable it to connect, even if I select different sites. I really have to close the IE window and all is fine on restarting IE.

It doesn’t seem to happen so often right now, but when the firewall & defense+ are manually disabled I did not get this problem. So I am not sure how to diagnose it from here.


Have you tried removing the IE firewall rules, then restart IE to recreate them?
They can be removed by clicking Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy. Scroll down to your browser, select it and remove it and click OK.