IE and Firefox homepages keep reverting after restart...Comodo to blame?

I just reinstalled WinXP Pro on my thinkpad. The first thing I did was set the IE homepage to, then install comodo firewall, and then thinkpad drivers and windows updates. Now, if i change my homepage on either, it reverts to after a restart. Not right after the restart; I have noticed by looking at IE properties that it reverts right after the wifi connects, which is about one minute after startup. I have read of a similar bug in ZoneAlarm, “…as this behaviour as a bug along
with forced hosts protection” if that makes any sense that was in the post reagrding ZoneAlarm. Since I just reinstalled and installed comodo and AVG first, i highly doubt this is spyware. Any help? Maybe comodo thinks it a homepage hijacking type attack?


Hi Chris,

Nope. CPF does not touch those entries. It should be somethnig else.