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can somebody tell me how to make internet explorer to use source port 80 and destination port 80 only?

Hello enrique, i take it you are using Comodo Firewall at least?

Anyway if yes, what you are asking depends on a few factors such as do you have the DNS client disabled?

What i have for Internet Explorer 9 is to Allow UDP traffic from any port to destination port 53 only (for DNS) then a TCP rule for from any port to destination port 80 only. Finally a blog and log all unmatching requests.

To set up something similar you will need to tweek a few settings. First go to Firewall->Firewall Behaviour Settings and move the slider up to “Custom” (this will make you get a firewall alert for anything that doesn`t have a rule assigned for it in Network Security Policy"->Also you need to select the tab “Alert Settings” and choose at least “High” (very high if you wish). Hit OK to save settings.

Now we have to set up a rule for Internet Explorer in Firewall->Network Security Policy. You will probably not have one listed yet so it may be a good idea to start Internet Explorer at this point whereby you should get an alert. Choose the option “Outgoing Only” and make sure “Remember my Answer” is ticked (picture 1).
There should now be a rule for Internet Explorer (picture 2).

Now to set edit the rule go to Firewall->Network Security Policy->Double click the Internet Explorer entry then check the box “Use a Custom Policy” then Copy From->Predefined Security Policies->Outgoing Only. You should end up with picture 3.
Highlight the Allow all Outgoing Requests rule and select “Remove” (answer Yes).
Next to Add the Allow rules. First off click “Add” fill out what you require
Description=Up to you
Source Address (any) Destination Address (any) Source Port (any) Destination Port (80)

Now hit APPLY to save the rule.

This is important :P0l Comodo reads the rules from top down so you must highlight your new rule and move it above the Block and Log all unmatching requests, you should end up with something like pic 5.
Apply to save the specific rule and then check it in Network Security Policy (like in pic 6)

Good Luck,

It may also be wise to Allow TCP for outgoing port 443 as well for HTTPS

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