IE 8 beta and some other [RESOLVED]

I installed IE8 beta 1 and now it’s not working and i can’t see it on uninstall programs. Why? can you help me to uninstall it or reinstall or repair?

and the updates that can lately diden’t work untill i installed your “windows-update-blocking-firewall”…
Why is that?

Can you be more clear? What is not working? IE 8 is beta. Use at your own risk.

I assume after i tryed to install IE 8 beta 1, IE stoped working and i cant uninstall it or install an other version or same now.
And i also assume that the comodo Defence+ have prevented the IE 8 beta 1 install file from updating the register, witch i’am almost sure of since those register posts is in the “protected area”.
Is there anyway to reverse it or “unprotected” those register posts?

It wouldn’t be a problem if i could see it on the “uninstall programs/updates” in the controllpanel.

This occurred when i installed IE 8 beta 1 and i don’t think the Defence+ detected that i was trying to install something so it wasn’t in “Installation mode”, so… what can you do for me?

And now i [shadow=red,left]can’t install update[/shadow] KB947864 becuase when i try, the computers programs doen’t respond and shuts down.

I have never had a problem installing or uninstalling anything since I had Comodo installed. Did you use the “install” mode in Comodo? Why don’t you try a system restore back to before you installed IE8. Comodo doesnt stop you from uninstalling anything. Have you tried a 3rd party uninstaller like Revo?

don’t you read what i say… it wasen’t in installation mode. Can it be fixed?
and no i don’t have Revo or any other uninstaller extensions.

As Vettetech suggested, perform a System Restore to a point prior to installing IE8 Beta. Or you can try booting into Safe Mode, and selecting “Last Known Good Configuration.”

We’ll try to help you, but don’t become impatient with us because you are responsible for the risks inherent in installing any kind of beta software. Comodo is not to blame if things don’t work out with an unsupported browser.

Thank you USSS. Revo is free software. Just download it. Never install beta software BTW. Beta means use at your own risk. When you installed IE 8 Comodo should have given you an alert about something trying to install. At that point merely chose installer from the selection.

Why not install Beta sofware it is great fun you get to play with all sorts of interesting things on your computer:- drivers,registry etc. ;D

LOL Dennis. I needed that. You forgot to mention how much fun it is to reformat. Nothing funner then spending hours redoing your pc. Hey SeeD, not for nothing but before you install anything its always good to make a restore point.

Since Comodo have the IE register keys protected. I was wondering if there is some setup file or something that can restore the original IE Register keys? (or repair)(without system restore thing)
(I have deleted many System restore points to get more harddrive space)

There must be someway to restore it, like some Microsoft repair program. Or maybe… do you think it will work when they release IE 8 beta 2 and i install it in “Installation Mode” ?

What size hard drive to you have 10 GIGS? Why delete restore points if you have plenty of space. Have you tried using Revo and then use the Hunter option and drag it over the IE icon? Comodo doesnt stop something from uninstalling.

Have you tried this.

Also use Firefox and not Internet Explorer. Or even Opera.

I allways is FF but i just want IE to work anyway.

What was wrong with IE7? Have you tried anything I told you?

I’am trying atm. The thing is when i try to open IE the window just open quickly and then closes very fast.

So it it safe to target IE with Revo and uninstall it? [/b]

I was having that problem with IE7 awhile back so I uninstalled IE7 which gave me back IE6 then reinstalled IE7.

Revo can’t Uninstall it.

Have you tired using Windows Installer Clean up? You don’t see IE 8 at all in the list in Revo? Try installing IE8 again over the top. Maybe it will give you a repair option.

I can’t;
See it on Windows Installer Clean up, Revo. And i can’t install it again from the installation file it just says “A previous build of Internet Explorer 8 is already installed on your computer. You must remove it before installing the latest version of Internet Explorer 8”

And btw i use Windows Vista Business (SP1 not installed)