IE 8 beta 2 and Verification Engine

I know IE 8 is not supported yet, but thought I would let you know that IE 8 crashes with Verification Engine installed.
Both installed wtih default settings.
Had to drop to safe mode just to uninstall.


…hmmm… this is a good reminder for people who want to install ie8 and forget the compatibility of VE or just forget they have it installed …

Hi UncleDoug

Thanks. All feedback is warmly appreciated.

The VE team has started on IE8 support about a week ago and we shall have an update soon and in time for the release of the real IE8.

If anyone is unable to run the control panel because they have installed the BETA version of IE8 then you can run the VE setup from a command prompt.

To do this, click Start and then Run. Enter:


And click “Ok”

Enter the following but substitute the first “C:” with your system driver letter if it is not the default “C” drive:

“C:\Program Files\Comodo\VEngine\VESetup.exe”

This should run the GUI based VESetup and allow you to uninstall the application.

Kind Regards,