IE 7 crashes with VE

(:WAV)I love Comod’s Firewall and AntiVirus but I can do without the Verification Engine. It causes IE7 to crash. I uninstalled it but it’s still working. How do I get it completely off my PC. I’m running Windows XP Home.

I don’t personally know, but I do know this topic is in the wrong section & you’re unlikely to get VE help here. So, I’m going to move your topic to the VE section.

Seat belts: ON.


I did have a problem with a previous version of VE and Gmail crashing back to desktop. Gmail blamed many of the IE plugins that had been used for years such as Site Adviser a FireFox plugin etc.

To completely uninstall VE go to safe mode and go to VE file found under Comodo found in Programs. If it is missing or the uninstall file is missing reinstall in safe mode reboot and uninstall in safe mode.

As I said the current version is working even with Gmail. Oh most of my problems was with the Gmail update (New Version vs Older Version seen at top of mail screen) that was released last Oct. And again no problem currently!

Another outstanding program I discovered reading these threads was Revo Uninstaller, but again you need to be able to see the file to uninstall it.