IE 7 Compatibility


Please be aware that CAVS Beta and earlier are not compatible with Internet Explorer 7, if you are using Windows Internet Explorer 7 with CAVS Beta 2.0 (or earlier) installed it is very likely you will have issues with CAVS running on your system.

Remedy for Windows XP Users:
The only work around at the moment is to uninstall the Internet Explorer 7 Upgrade to go back to Internet Explorer 6.

Remedy for Windows 2000 Professional Users:
Because Internet Explorer 7 is only available for Windows XP and Windows Vista there are no issues with Internet Explorer on PC’s running Windows 2000.

Hi justin,

I tried the beta2 and it works fine with the IE version 7.0.573.11

Really? I couldn’t view the main Comodo antivirus user interface with IE 7 installed, whats going on ???

Same here on IE7.

In fact, I uninstalled IE7 so that I could try CAVS 2 beta on IE6 to see if it would run any better and it froze my machine. I did let it do the scan on the reboot thing though after the install on IE6 and it did not like that at all. So had to uninstall it.

Put IE7 back on, reinstalled CAVS 2 beta and it runs without a hitch. :BNC
No problems on the install and reboot. I did not let it scan on the reboot which means a few extra pop-ups for a while. Will live with that, though.


i have no issues with IE7 either. seems to be running fine and dandy. ok with firefox 2 aswell.

I guess it is only my system that is having the issues then :-[

Just out of curiosity,are you using IE7 as your default browser?The ONLY thing I use IE for is Windows Update.If you don’t already,you might want to use a different default browser,such as K-Meleon or Firefox.Then again,I may be way off, & this is just a general compatibility issue.Thoughts? (:KWL) (:KWL) (:KWL) (:KWL)

I have always had Firefox as my default browser, even with the IE7 upgrade.