IE 6 works fine, while IE 7...

Hello there!

I have currently a serious problem while using IE7. Let’s start from the beginning. I get this popup:

on some sites. I have to click a lot of time on X to finally close it (Yes/No seems not working).

Getting this issue happened suddenly, but I didn’t do anything unusual. doesn’t work at all, it stops at:

From what I observed mainly javascript (f.e. buttons) or .aspx pages doesn’t work, but that’s not 100% of problem.

I tried with IE7 and Maxthon2 I went to the page with ending “.aspx”. One opens fine other loads only background, but both when closed display this Internet Explorer Script Error. But I found new message displayed when I close Maxthon2 not only the tab with that page. Here how it looks:

Also Maxthon2 options aren’t displayed at all (while they’re made as a kind of “website” opened in a separate tab). It’s not M2 issue as with IE6 it’s working.

While I’ve reproduced this Internet Explorer Script Error those two appeared in Event Viewer:

Also I have tried with reinstalling Windows Sript 5.6, but no effect.

Plz help!!! :frowning: I want my M2.0 start working correctly with IE7!!!
Rubbish M$ (:AGY)

EDIT: Windows XP Professional with SP2 English.

EDIT2: Asking also at Wilders…

To fix Windows update, you have to check that the services is running that it need.
A simpler way is to download Dial-A Fix.
That program has repair functions for Win update among other things. In the first page of the program you find some useful things, and if you click the “hammer”, you will find more useful tools for repairing.
I have no experience with Maxthon, but IE7 works fine without it… :wink:
I know that there is a few other that use it here in the forum, so you will probably get some help. ;D

To straight up things: Windows Update is working, but not with IE7 which is being somehow corrupted on my PC. Now I’m working on IE6, but I would like to be able to normally use IE7. And no Windows reinstallation is solution for me. Ooh, almost forgot - I tried reinstalling IE7 several times with no effect. For a few weeks after release it worked okay, but one day I found this issue and it suprised me because I didn’t “play” with the system :frowning:

Doesn’t MSIE 7 have a Repair option like MSIE 6? I don’t know, since I’m on W2k, which can’t run MSIE 7.

If it does I don’t know where to find it :frowning:

Sorry for double posting, but I would be very happy if some smarter than me people would take look at the screenshots and make some diagnostics for me :slight_smile:

I will answer all the questions needed (also those which I wouldn’t understand ;)).

What I found out is that my vbscript.dll is v5.7.0.5730 while there’s no Windows Script 5.7! There’s only 5.6 at M$ and on other site I found that it should be v5.6.0.8831. Does anybody having IE7 can check it at his PC?

EDIT: Okay it should be at least v5.6.0.8825. Installed again WS 5.6 and no effect - websites are reporting error on page at the status bar and when I double click it Internet Explorer Script Error is displayed.

In C:\WINDOWS\ie7 I have version
In C:\WINDOWS\system32\dllcache I have version
In C:\WINDOWS\system32 I have version

Does IE7 work without Maxthon or?

No, when IE7 is installed they both work incorrectly.

Have you tried to uninstall maxthon? What happens?

Was the dll’s the same?

As I said Maxthon has no influence on how IE7 works.


EDIT:I’ve played a bit with different versions of vbscript.dll, but with no effect :frowning: Could it be any Add-On that loads into IE?