IE 6, 7 Zeroday alert!

Update IE 6, 7 to IE 8.

Internet Explorer 8 is not affected.

ie 7 is full of errors . ie 8 came out quickly to solve the ie 7 faults

I recently reformatted windows and as soon as reinstalled it I went straight to windows update but it was with IE 6. Could that possibly have put me in danger? Should I have used Automatic Updates instead?

Microsoft Security Advisory (977981) Vulnerability in Internet Explorer Could Allow Remote Code Execution Published: November 23, 2009 | Updated: December 08, 2009
We already gave comodo the source code to exploit this a while ago :) Your safe.

thank goodness

but what if i had updated online while using only windows firewall?

I didn’t think anyone was fool enough to still be running Internet Explorer 6 or 7 with all the new browsers that can be had just by downloading them online.


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The ignorance of people is very often astounding. 88)

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My Mistake! Sorry!

Calm down. Watasha may have meant the ignorant people as in the IE6/7 users, not any one in this thread. IE is not something to get excited over with 88). Let’s put feelings in Ganda’s thread, not on security related ones.

FYI, I have to use IE 6 due for work for compatibility reasons, not because I like it.

IE8 is best IE version.
But It’s worse than other popular browser.

You are right Soya, that’s how I meant it. I should’ve known better than to post on a IE thread. 88)

??? I hope this was not directed at me? lol!

I reformatted my pc and after I did I had just gone on windows update right away as I had no other firewall apart from windows firewall and no other browser besides IE 6 at the time. It was after I had got all my updates that I went and got firefox and then comodo.

Everyone using XP has to go through that process when reformatting - there’s no choice because XP SP2 starts with IE6 ;). The exception would be slipstreaming.

No it wasn’t meant for you lostcause! XP SP1 has IE 6 and no firewall when you first bring it up or at least my copy is that way. It was a rush to try to get a firewall downloaded and installed and then a decent browser.
Glad MS finally came out with Win 7 because I would not run Vista and was tried of XP.

Yes the ‘pre nlite’ days of all that work involved with a re-install live in the memory. :wink: