IE 11 Will Not Run In Kiosk


I have recently installed IE 11 as a Windows 7 update over IE 10. IE 10 worked flawlessly with Comodo Kiosk. IE 11 starts to load, then hangs with a rotating cursor after about 20 seconds IE 11 shuts down. I am using Win 7 64 bit CIS6 latest version

Anyone suggest what I can do to rectify. firefox and Chrome work fine with Kiosk.



Hi TerryWood,
There could be a conflict happening between IE 10/11 if IE 10 was last used within Kiosk without a reset.
If this is the cause a sandbox reset should solve the issue.
Reset the Sandbox

Please note: All information and data stored within the sandbox only will be deleted/cleared.

Hi Captainsticks

No unfortunately your suggestion was not the cause. Any other thoughts?



Hi TerryWood, no sorry I haven’t.
If you have other browsers installed, do they work correctly in Kiosk?

I just tried it on my Win7 64 bit system and it runs fine.

IE 11 will not run here on my Win 8.1 unless I run it in the virtualised sandbox. Which is contradictory to TerryWood’s situation. Interesting to say the least…

Again, it works fine in and out of the sandbox or Kiosk on my 8.1 system. Very strange.

I installed IE 11 through windows updates. Previous version was IE 10.

Win 7 64 Bits system

IE 11 runs fine in Comodo Kiosk
IE 11 runs fine with right click, Run in Comodo Sandbox