IDS module existence

Hi guys!
I’m using Comodo firewall a lot of years and very happy using it. But I have a question: Is there a module inside firewall similar to well-known Snort (i.e. IDS module)? And if it exists how it tunes-up existing firewall rules?

No, but it would be good for the wish list

I have wondered too: how do i know I don’t have an intrusion? well easy answer: you have the ‘Active Connections’, you have to properly configure your LAN in ‘My Network Zones’ use ‘Stealth Port Wizard’ on your LAN(s) and then add this last rule to the ‘Global Rules’: ‘Block and Log IP in From IP Any to IP Any Where Protocol is Any’ so anything not allowed is killed right here, I love this last rule, I learnt it from COMODO Firewall 2.4.x. And finally of course you can use ‘View Firewall Events’ to finish ease your mind :smiley: :ilovecomodo: (:KWL)